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Help new to droid need help with usb to car!

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by wes93moon, Aug 12, 2010.

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    k so i just got my moto droid i had an original env for 4yrs and it broke so thought i would get something cool lol well my question is how to hook up my phone with the data cable that came with it to my cd player in my mustang its a jvc and has a usb on the front i have been searching for hrs and can figure it out i tryed it and used usb mass storage and it only played one song lol and i was thinking maybe i didnt sync my music to the droid right? but i can play em all on the droid when its not hooked up so idk im lost plz help

  2. Is your period key broken? I think your comma key, and shift key are broken as well, you might want to get that keyboard fixed.

    First off, it depends on the head unit, whether or not it will work. You did the right thing by putting the phone into disk drive mode. But you need to read the manual that came with the cd player. Some will want the music in a specific folder, some will want it a specific format. If the music plays on the droid, but not on the head unit, obviously the headunit isnt seeing the files.

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