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help on 2.1 update for noobs like me

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by x106573, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. x106573

    x106573 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i need some help on updating my phone to 2.1

    so if someone could help me out as to tell me what all i need to do would be a great help. thanks!

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  2. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert


    Give the following a try...

  3. gherre

    gherre Newbie

    "Here is new X10flash for Firmware 2.1 Version (old 1.6 Firmware can not be flashed with this at the moment)". does this mean if i have a phone with 1.6 on it i cannot flash?
  4. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    No, it means you can't flash 1.6 FW to a phone with the tool, as it's for flashing 2.1 FW only.
  5. gherre

    gherre Newbie

    Sorry I am new to this,
    i have a SE X10a locked to rogers and unrooted
    will i be able to flash my phone to 2.1 using only what was in that quote?
  6. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    EDIT: I would wait if you have an X10a.
  7. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Android Enthusiast

    You can install 2.1 right now but it will be version X10i, not X10a. It should work well, but I'd rather wait until I get the update directly from SE (I have the unbranded X10a from Argentina) or better if a global version X10a comes up on the interweb.
  8. hitokiri

    hitokiri Newbie

    do i need to root my phone to perform that?
  9. Metaz

    Metaz Newbie

    "and run the X10flash.bat"

    Sorry for being slightly dim here but, I take it the phone has to be plugged into the PC for that bit? Does it have to be in flash mode or whatever?

  10. Metaz

    Metaz Newbie

    Okay I followed the guide thing, and now when I turn my phone on it had a little picture of a camera and then the phone beneath it with an arrow pointing from the camera to the phone. Couldn't do anything with it. It managed to get past that after about 5 mins to the SE logo and animation but it's now stuck with the logo and the SE text beneath it after all the colours swirl around it. Has just frozen again. Suggestions?
  11. Diamondz

    Diamondz Lurker

    I had the same problem. What became my solution was to clear out the deviceID txt file to blank, saving it then making sure my UAC was deactivated. I tried again from the beginning and it was a success.
  12. Metaz

    Metaz Newbie

    I just ran it through SEUS hoping it'd set back to 1.6, turns out it's 2.1 now. Happy days. :)
  13. kalfou

    kalfou Newbie

    Hey guys i can't seem to get my Device ID, i mean i got it too appear the other day, but now when i want to flash i can't get it again.... I have put in the same codes on "regedit" and done everything by the book, but all that appears after the search is a list of things, but no device ID....

    What am i doing wrong?

  14. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert


    Did you use the same usb port?
  15. kalfou

    kalfou Newbie

    Yeah i used the same USB port 5 times then used a different one another 5 times... i just down't know whats wrong, do you?
  16. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    Not a clue. Does SEUS find the phone?
  17. Turkoes

    Turkoes Newbie

    I've post on the other thread about the updates, so sorry if it's annoying or not meant to be here...

    My problem is that once I've connected to PC Companion, done Step 1, all ok, done step 2, fine UNTIL, I have to re-start the phone. I hold the back key ultimately at the same time plunging into the phone the USB cable, green-light appears (not sure how long to continue pressing, I've varied it whilst the light goes off I unhold or after 10 sec of seeing the light I then unhold either way, I think I've masted all techniques here) once it start and Companion asks me to tab and mount it wants me to go through the whole process from Step 1!!! Am I doing anything wrong??? I've even used a different SD card
  18. jvinhj240

    jvinhj240 Newbie

    i have x10a, i did update from SEUS but it still firmware 1.6 . any helps guys..
  19. Wisenos

    Wisenos Android Enthusiast

    who's your carrier?
  20. rosered

    rosered Android Expert

    Just responded to yuo on another thread, AT&T have not released the upgrade yet and have made now announcement as to if and when they will do so.
  21. stevierite

    stevierite Newbie

  22. Wisenos

    Wisenos Android Enthusiast

    wait :)
    is your best friend
    i've read several 2.1 updated with nordic or generic uk firmware and having lot of trouble (actually more than branded update)

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