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Help on bricked phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GarethR2, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. GarethR2

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    I decided to install a new ROM on my phone. I followed all the instructions that the forum gave me and followed it through. Unfortunately it didn't work. So I tried to go back to my backup that I had made and that didn't work. So I started doing some research and saw that I could get the original rom back through Odin, which was the only way I could as CWM wasn't recognising my sdcard.
    I wasn't concentrating and I must have put the wrong carrier on it & it didn't seem like odin was working.
    I tried to turn on the phone and nothing was happening. No lights or start up screens.
    I tried a soft/hard reset. Tried to get into the CWM and the download function but nothing works. I have put it on the charger and I think it's charging now (It doesn't have any sign that it's charging.) I have purchased a USB dig off ebay but I live in New Zealand so it mite take some time for me to receive it.
    Is there any suggestions that could help me out of this predicament?

    I've been trying to fix it for a good 5 hours.

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  2. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    Keep trying to get into download mode.
    It's a patronizing question i know, but are you doing this correctly, as many people do not, and assume they can't get into it.
    Ie. Press vol-down+ home + power in that order and hold all 3 down until you see something appear on the screen, and only then release all 3 buttons simultaneously.

    If you can, then flash a stock version of the firmware of your choice, downloadable from sammobile.com

    If you actually cannot get into download mode then you don't have any choice other than a Samsung service centre or a jtag service.

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