Root HELP: Phone crashes and and having force close problems - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 LTE SM-T111



After rooting my phone using Kingo, i tried to install a custom rom on my phone using ROM INSTALLER.

The problem is, the installation did not make my phone better. All applications started to
crash. the crash occured in regular basis everytime i used some functions. the warning message says: 'UNFORTUNATELY ...... has stopped"

Anyone who is familiar with this error, please help me because i really need my phone back to
normal behaviour.

Thank you in advance.


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Hello and welcome to the forums. May I how did you root . this is the correct way from what you posted

Now may I ask if you have the firmware you was on or area your in .

Hi this might explain the firmware i m using. Im in indonesia.
Im not familiar with rooting so this is my first time and i don't do well.



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That's where the problem is its to many different ROMs if I have the location I can provide you with the proper information . how about I show you and you put your info into it to get the correct one.


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Yes that is the same but you say its crashing after you did the update did u do a factory data reset .

I have done all of these three steps suggested in many forums:

1. Wipe cache / partition in recovery boot
2. Wipe cache / data of the apps
3. Factory reset
4. Fix permissions: Fix UIDs


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I've actually been having the same problem and have found no solution. Happened after I installed the update via kies. I tried flashing the stock rom through Odin, I tried wiping data and cache and system and then installing a custom rom and still had force closes.

It's basically rendered my tablet useless.