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Help! Phone keeps powering off randomly since update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JaneenM, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. JaneenM

    JaneenM Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So of course my phone would act up after the warranty expires. :mad:

    Long story short, I upgraded to 4.0.4 because the darn thing kept prompting me to. Soon after, I noticed the phone would randomly power off, and I'd have to pull the battery out and restart it. This kills a lot of battery power. It seems it powers down only when the phone is idle. As long as I have it plugged up it seems to be alright.

    I use my phone for business a lot, so it really makes this a pain. I don't know if the upgrade has anything to do with this. And it's not the battery; I've tried two different ones with the same result.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help :(

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  2. Had the same issue and was driving me nuts. So last night I rooted it and installed CM9 and all day today the phone has worked perfect. It wasn't too hard to do and I had never done it before. There are a ton of good links on the web showing step by step what to do and while I took my time and it took a few hours, I think I could do it again in about 40 mins.
  3. txnolesfan93

    txnolesfan93 Lurker

    Sadly my wifes phone had same problem after 4.0.4 update. I found out that its a known bug for 4.0.4 update. I rooted and been perfect since then. Dont think they will be updating anymore or rolling out a fix anytime soon. Dont quote me on that though.

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  4. ellisconoley

    ellisconoley Lurker

    Mine had the same issue. ATT sent me a new phone claiming that the 4.0.4 update was flawed. Stated they were sending an updated phone. Not. So far the new phone is working though I had interesting issues with moving applications.

    Does anyone know what those back up and reset settings are supposed to do? They didn't restore any of my apps data when I logged in google from new phone and reinstalled.
  5. jimmylavino

    jimmylavino Lurker

    I have a sgh-i777 and would love to root and install CM9, but I keep finding conflicting information about the best way to do it. Mainly, I keep seeing pitfalls related to the warning triangle after rooting, incrementing the root "counter", etc.. Would you mind posting the exact instructions you used to root and flash from 4.0.4? I think this would help everyone here who is sick and tired of AT&T/Samsung's "updates".

  6. LouWags

    LouWags Well-Known Member

    Mine and my wife's were locking up a couple of times a day for a while but the lockups seem to have stopped now. We didn't do anything special to stop the problem, though, so I don't know what the story was/is.

  7. motownwill

    motownwill Newbie

    I did the factory reset and left almost all the software off and it still kept randomly shutting down. I called AT&T and was referred to a service/warrant office in town. I went there and was told their policy was not to flash phones back to previous software versions. They instead replaced the phone and I was lucky enough that this phone is still on 4.0.3. No problems yet, but I'm not even 24 hours in.
  8. gianmarco

    gianmarco Newbie

    Can you link the instructions you used? I've beenw anting to do this (CM9).

  9. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member

    Same thing here. Started after 4.0.4, at first only a couple times a week, gradually increasing and now doing it 3 or 4 times a day. Like a few others have mentioned, I am now ready to try rooting and flashing a custom ROM. I have never done this with any phone and I'm a bit leery but something has to change and from what I have read ATT is no help at all. I guess I'll dive in and give it a go this weekend. So frustrating.
  10. NormChar

    NormChar Newbie

    Add another S2 owner with this problem to the list. There seem to be quite a few threads about this issue on the forum. One thread suggests to disable AT&T apps. I haven't tried that yet. But it does seem to make some sense. The reason being is that the AT&T apps seemed to be one of the major changes after the 4.0.4 update.

    In another thread it is mentioned that AT&T is aware of the issue and should have a fix in the next couple of weeks. http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s2-t/681218-sod-update-t.html
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  11. acdodd

    acdodd Member

    I have called ATT 5 times for this problem.
    They act like they have never heard of the problem.
    They have replaced my phone 5 times.
    Today when I called they said they are going to try to get approval to replace my phone with a different model.
    I will see how that goes.


    AT&T sent me a new S3 as a warranty replacement.
    It's working well.
  12. ndoran

    ndoran Newbie

    Having the same issue with my phone. There is also now rabid battery drain before powering off. Had this same issue with my captivate back it 2010; it was never resolved.
  13. NormChar

    NormChar Newbie

    Yeah, Janeen mentioned that too in the original post. Mine usually loses 20-30% off its battery life when the crash happens.
  14. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    Mine has been rooted for a very long time, so I've not gotten a single software update, but it has begun doing random reboots. It's already done it twice today. This is different from the freezes where you have to pull the battery and you've lost a shit ton of battery life. This is, I'll have my phone in my hands doing something, and the screen will go blank as the phone is rebooting. No significant battery loss, though. Sometimes it does it when I set the phone down. Sometimes it's while I'm in the middle of using it.

    Also, it is doing it with two different (both oem Samsung) batteries.

    Any ideas what it could be, since it is not related to any software update??
  15. whoscallng

    whoscallng Lurker

    So, I am on my 3rd replacement SGH-I777 gratis ATT. Having had the same random crash, shut down, you want to call it with both Gingerbread and ICS 4.04. I've even received a new battery which hasn't changed the behavior. I'm really not interested in rooting at this point.

    ATT has offered me the 3 strikes program as I'm still under the 90 day warranty for the current replacement. They'll move me to another type of phone. I'm going to wait a bit and see if the problem gets resolved as I like the phone.

    Any ideas short of rooting would be appreciated. I have done multiple resets with all the phones, not loaded add'l apps, you name it.... I'm still in disbelief that both ATT and Samsung don't acknowledge the issue and so far have just blamed it on a faulty handset(right 3 in a row).
  16. firepulse

    firepulse Lurker

    I've had all of these issues after upgrading to ICS as well. Of course my warranty was up with AT&T by 1 day so they offered the extremely helpful, "buy a new phone at full price or get a discounted iPhone" suggestion. Thanks but no thanks. I ended up sending my phone into Samsung after multiple soft & hard resets did nothing. The phone seemed to be working better, still restarting but not powering off and on constantly, until now. The only thing I've done differently is use a non-Samsung charger cable so I'm hoping if I go back to the original charger it will work. *crosses fingers*

    It seems absurd no one will do anything about this. It's such a great phone other than not being able to use it, ha!
  17. whoscallng

    whoscallng Lurker

    Firepulse, You should have pushed ATT harder. My original phone was out of warranty by a week. I did have a half dozen support calls in the previous 3 months and the ticket numbers.
  18. noscamiam

    noscamiam Lurker

    Same random shutdown problems with my S2. Seems to be totally unpredictable except when the phone feels like it is going to burst into flames -- then I know a melt down is coming so I do a preemptive restart. I chatted with an AT&T rep who indicated they received a notice of the problem on Jan 29 and a fix is in the works. No idea when it will be released though. I hope either the fix or jelly bean solves the problem.
  19. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member

    I keep hoping to read that a fix is on the way. This is so infuriating. I thought about rooting & flashing a custom ROM but every time I start researching that I just get confused and scared.
  20. FlyingPigL

    FlyingPigL Well-Known Member

    pkoutoul: unfortunately, I have found no answer. I pushed At&t so-called support to the extent of accusing them of being in breach of contract as I had an unusable phone - the thing was shutting down some 10 times a day, making me lose phone calls etc. They had 2 suggestions: 1/. they would generously fall it back to gingerbread, or 2/. they just as generously give me the opportunity to upgrade early and sign up with them for another 2 years of this stellar service. Neither solution appeals.

    My phone's now rooted and flashed with the Super-Nexus ROM. Haven't had any problems since. Just trying to get used to not having the Samsung "improvements" to which I had got so used, but otherwise, I couldn't be more pleased.
  21. dragula2012

    dragula2012 Member

    the same here on supernexus build 3 rom. got tired of those SOD's . just waiting the jelly bean update.

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