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Help picking a Tmo Android Phone

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by Dendore, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Dendore

    Dendore Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 11, 2009
    So I am not really sure where to put this post so mods feel free to move it if I'm in the wrong area.

    This is my first post (besides my intro), but hopefully not my last. Anyways, the reason I joined this site is because I am looking for a phone that is basically a small computer. And the android OS is VERY appealing. I am looking forward to joining the android community but I think there are a couple things I want to see added before I do. Through my searches I found this:

    HTC Touch HD 2 With Android? | Android Phone Fans

    I really like the looks of the HTC Touch HD. Do not want WinMo obviously though. So the idea of an android powered one that looks exactly the same makes my pants a little tight.

    Heres are 10 very important things I am looking for in a phone... any suggestions, estimates to how long it may take to come out, comparisons... comments in general are very welcome:

    1. Looks - Sleek looks. Similar to HTC touch hd would be great
    2. Android 2.0 - This is coming out now and as I won't be buying a phone right away this shouldnt be an issue.
    3. Touchscreen - Capacitive preferred. this is the more responsive one right? Definately want a really nice touchscreen... In fact I want strictly a full touchscreen. No flip out keyboard. Decent sceen size... somewhere between the mytouch and the bb storm/touch hd (not sure which is bigger) would be nice.
    4. Power - I want it to FEEL like a computer. Good amount of internal memory. Minimum of 600 mhz processor. Would prefer the new 1ghz snapdragon I've read about.
    5. Flash/Javascript support - in line with it feeling like a computer, i want a complete web browsing experience. I want a fully capable browser built in or perhaps like a firefox lite downloadable. I want my phone to be able to supprot ALL websites without the use of apps.... Hulu and espn.com and a ton of other sites that use flash and javascript you just cant access on a standard smartphone. Flash is starting to be built into phones now. How far away do you think Javascript/activeX, etc, are going to be?
    6. No proprietary software/UI - I really don't like the idea of having anything BUT android 2.0 on the phone. Unless there are certain ones you guys really like. I've heard good things abotu the Hero software... but I think I'd rather be without it. Have read that the Behold II will be android powered but still have the samsung touchwiz OS/UI over it. Which sucks... I have used the behold and the touchwiz UI is my least favorite thing about it.
    7. Tmobile (US) - My current provider and I doubt that will change. Phone must be compatible and preferrably supplied by tmobile. I want to ensure that EVERY feature works. I dont really like the idea of cracked phones.
    8. Tethering and All those other features - Want to be able to use phone as 3g modem, 3g, wifi, bt, gps... did I miss any?
    9. Camera - Decent camera... 5 MP at least... and not only that, but I want it to take quick pictures. Hopefully with an increased processor speed, I wont have the problems I've had with other camera phones. Mine take forever to take the actual picture.
    10. Battery Life - now I know with the other things I've listed here battery life may not be huge. I'm ok with that. I don't mind charging my phone every day or 2. But I definately want to be able to amake it through a solid 24 hours of heavy use. Nonstop even.

    So what do you guys think? Sounds like a dreamphone, huh? Well it is mine. How long do you think I will have to wait for something like this to come out?


  2. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2009

    Personal choice

    Already on Vrz Droid, developers have it, comming soon to most phones. There are rumors that 2.0 wont fit on the G1 era phones. I however doubt this but I dont know.

    I dont know any of the Android phones that can use a normal stylus.

    None of the Android phones have a "large" amount of internal memory. How ever once rooted and being able to send apps to your SD card, you are kind of unlimited.

    Flash is supposed to be comming to Androids next year. I think the Droid already has it.

    Don't know.

    I am with T-mo and haven't had any issues with the T-mo/HTC supplied stuff that comes on the G1.

    If you root and can use a Cyanogen Rom, USB tethering is supplied.

    Megapixels don't mean a thing with the small lens that come on most phones that have cameras. No phone can take really good pictures. Its not what they were made for. That being said, I have heard that most Android phone cameras were slower than they should be.

    I say if you want a camera, do what I do. I carry my dig. camera almost everywhere. Its just 1 step down from a DSLR.

    Thats just not going to happen with the current stock of Android phones. You can buy larger (physical/charge) batteries. They allow you to go longer between charges but do make the phones bigger.

    Yeah it does sound like a dream phone and it is a dream phone for now. I would try to compare all the Androids that are out there and see what fits best. Decide what you can and cant live without, then make your choice.

    Hope this helps.

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