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Root Help Please Can you do a Nandroid Backup BEFORE ROOTING your LG Optimus Q Straight Talk Phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Scizzy12, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Scizzy12

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    Feb 7, 2012
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    Hey guys I am a n00b so forgive me if I didn't get this in the correct forum or IF my question is completely stupid, but I am very curious to know the answer. And, honestly I've only had a Droid phone for about a month and just by going to this site and another sites forums I have learned soooo much for real....Thank You for all your previous help to.....everybody that posted a question or a reply with an answer.

    Ok, now my question is I would like to know if it is possible to do a nandroid backup to my LG Optimus Q Straight Talk phone BEFORE I root it. Now, I DO NOT mean backup the apps, contacts, images, ringtones, and anything else like that I can do that....I mean are you able to make a backup of... (now bare with me this is the n00b part of the question) the original factory ROM or firmware (Is that the same thing?) and of the Original Recovery image or whatever file extension it is before I ROOT my phone just in case I would like to go back to the very original EVERYTHING...rom, firmware, recovery, and any other factory images or files that are on the phone when you first buy it from the store???

    See, I have not yet gotten down what are the differences between a nandroid backup and the recovery image and what is the ROM compared to the Droid OS Software so any help explaining that would be great and ALSO the original question of can you do a nandroid backup to your original factory data before you root it. Because I do like to learn as much as possible about computers and now my smart phone and so I DEFINITELY want to root my phone but idk in the future I might wanna just start over from the beginning.

    Finally, in the Phone Status Menu...where it lists the MIN and ESN that kind of stuff it says Droid Version 2.3.4 now am I also able to update that to the newest Droid Version whatever it may be....and IF so how would I go about doing that or is that flashing a ROM or what?? I hope I don't sound too stupid I guess I just need a little clarification on the MANY things I have learned from your smart ass mother Fers!!! Cuz seriously you guys are smart as hell....I will be checking every 5 minutes for a reply.....lol.....TRULY..........THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND FOR PREVIOUS HELP THAT YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT.........THANKS AGAIN!!!!



  2. AndyOpie150

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    May 13, 2011
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    In order to perform a nandroid backup you need to do this from a custom recovery. In order for you to get a custom recovery on your phone you must first Root it.
    You can backup all your downloaded apps to your uSD card with AppTyrant. Transfer the contents of the uSD card to a folder on a PC.
    Google offers some saving of phone content, but I'm not sure if it is anything that is not already saved to the uSD card.
    Until you root that's the best you can do.
    There used to be a utility that would establish a Shell Root then would allow you to put a custom recovery on a phone before you did the permanent root (ROMTools), but it is a dead thread with dead links now and used SuperOneClick to establish the temp root. ZV4 also allows a temp root, then you would have to install the recovery from a command prompt or terminal emulator, but I don't think it will work on the Q either.

    For your phone it's root, then recovery, then backup.

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