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Support Help Please! Cannot dial out (or in) on Evo!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by misstwss, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. misstwss

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    Sep 6, 2010
    Ok, this is a long story but here it goes....

    I was on a call earlier in the day, and my call just dropped (which usually never happens). It said "call disconnected", so i thought maybe i had just lost service momentarily, but when i went to call my cousin back, the phone would just stay stuck on the "dialing out" screen, and the call would never actually connect. I also cannot send text messages either.

    Although this may seem irrelevant, I saw that i exceeded my spending limit with Sprint so i figured maybe my service had been disconnected. I called sprint, payed my bill, and was assured by the sprint rep that my service had been restored. After troubleshooting back and fourth with sprint for a good hour and a half, their only conclusion was that there was a tower out and maybe just wait it out, until its fixed. This all happened at about 1 in the afternoon, and its now 8pm, and my phone is still having this issue.

    This is where it gets really strange... I then tried to call my Evo from my house phone, to which I saw the call coming in on the cell, and ANSWERED the call, and could not hear myself through the other end. But my house phone was still ringing and calling the Evo as if i never picked up, and it went straight to my voice mail. After tons of contemplating, and about a half a pack of Newports, I tried to call my Evo again from my house phone, and this time I was able to answer and hear myself on both phones. I tried it over and over a few times, and each time i either got through to both ends, or none at all. I still cant make or receive calls either way.

    I decided to call sprint a third time, and got this guy who didnt know his ass from his elbow, and so he just did a "data connection" reset on my phone, but that didnt seem to help either. He also told me to update my profile and that doesnt work! His only answer was that he didnt know why that was like that. My internet connection is working fine, and my Wi-fi is off, so how is it that i have internet connection but not able to make or receive calls, but there is a "tower out".

    I also received 2 texts from my boyfriend, but i couldnt respond back, but it was only those 2 throughout the entire day, so i dont know if he only sent me those 2 texts, or if he sent me more, but just didnt receive them because of this horrendous issue :(

    I really dont want to have to do a system restore or hard reset or whatever its called and im not TOO tech savvy, so is there something i can do or steps i can follow to get this fixed!!! Sprint is no help!

    Thanks in advance!




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