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Help Please!! Cant load ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by droidredneck, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. droidredneck

    droidredneck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello, i am running an HTC One SV on Boost, K2 CL S-On, TWRP
    OK so a few days ago i attempted to flash to cricket, quite unsuccessfully.
    I flashed something incorrectly and and caught myself in an indefinite hang at the HTC logo screen. I have searched and flashed reflashed and searched and flashed again i tried to relock the bootloader and install an RUU but i tried several and get the signature 12 verification fail with all of them. I again unlocked the bootloader and tried any seemingly compatible ROM, though it seems hard to find very many. Yes i flashed the appropriate BOOT.IMG first for each one. The closest i have gotten has gotten was with Saturn ROM. It wrote about half the system before it failed. I dont think i am bricked at least not completely, as i can still load the bootloader and recovery. There just appears to be no OS.
    I cant S-Off without having a working ROM as far as i can tell. If someone knows how i can S-Off without the ability to boot normally that i believe would solve my problem. or if you know of a ROM i can flash that will allow me to run moonshine and s-off.
    Please help if you can. I am about to pitch this thing out in the snow.
    Thanks in adv.

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  2. russellvone

    russellvone Android Enthusiast

    Do not flash any other ROM except for ones that specifically say K2_CL BOOST MOBILE

    read first, friend, you will find what you need
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  3. droidredneck

    droidredneck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have tried but i just cant seem to do anything without being s off. dont make sence because i should be able to flash a stock rom or a custom rom that is for the boost mobile but anything i do fails. is there a way i can s off without being able to boot up the OS??

    if i could find ANYTHING that will load and boot on this thing i might be ably to get somewhere, CM, Bone stock, whatever... i just cant seem to find a rom to put on here.
    Looks like i have an Official Expensive Paperweight. Maybee i should drill a hole through it and put an ornament hook and hang it on the Christmas Tree!
  4. droidredneck

    droidredneck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok a million thanks to all the folks here and over on XDA i found a solution here Can't flash an OS/ROM - xda-developers
    Just be sure you extract the backup file to the backup folder, dont just copy the .zip cuz you wont see it as an option to restore. and be sure to fastboot flash the renamed boot.img file from the backup, you must do this if you are s-on.
    I hope that someone else who has this issue finds this post and it gets you up and running.
    Now... That said i will backup, s-off, backup again, and be more careful.
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