Help HELP!!! please :D

Hi I came here to seek the community's guidance :D I recently obtained an HP Touchpad with Cyanogenmod 7 already installed and everything was going great until tonight when it seems that my internal SD card was dismounted or something. I can still read it on my laptop and when I boot WebOS I can see all my music but none of my videos :( Please help me. I was running MX Player when it went blank and when I restarted the TP wouldn't recognize all of my music and videos. Also I have tried using the terminal and superuser commands but alas they were no help to me :(

Tim K

Android Expert
Personally, I would upgrade to one of the later cm9 nightlies. They are very stable.

I don't think you'll find many people here running cm7.


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Sounds like you have a REALLY old copy of cm7, and installed too many apps or moved too many to the sdcard, which can be a serious problem.

+1, cm9 is the way to go.