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HELP PLEASE! Do I need to root when I have phone network connection problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CostaRicaScott, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. CostaRicaScott

    Thread Starter

    I Just received my HTC incredible 2 phone from Ebay, it was supposed to be unlocked and with a 16G Micro SD. Well I didn't get the SD and the phone seems to be locked. I bought a unlock code but the phone does not even give me a chance to put the numbers in. I like the phone and like the HTC sense, if I rooted it I would want the same set up but without the Verison crap!

    This is what happens.

    1st on start up it asks for my pin code to the sim
    2nd The Pop up "sim card is not vailid please insert a Verison sim cad"
    3rd Then the pop up "Change Mode No network found select global" I enter (yes)

    When I go into Wirless networks/ mobile networks/prefferd network

    I select GSM/UMTS mode, then select GSM only. It Pops up "Sim Lock can not use phone unless for emergency only.

    During the time it wants to defaul to CDMA and does come up with the pop up asking to change to Global Mode.

    I live in Costa Rica and there are three carriers.

    My questions are:
    1.) Do i need to root?
    2.) Can I install the HTC sense apps and software with out the Verison.
    3.) Is there a work around for this with out rooting?

    Again it seems like a great phone and I want to use this to the fullest functions.

  2. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Android Expert

    Sounds like you bought a bad SIM unlock code. The Ebay seller should have included the unlock code. If they didn't the phone is probably stolen.
  3. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    Check the esn online. Google it and you should be able to find a free way to do so. Then you will at least know if it is stolen. Then getting an unlock code that works will be the next step.
    Rooting won't help if it is locked.
  4. CostaRicaScott

    Thread Starter

    and the phone is clean. The ESN does not show up on the stolen list, or any bills that are outstanding.
  5. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    Then you need a good unlock code. Many websites are available for that, many of which are scams. Most people say to get it from Verizon where it should be free. If you aren't a customer you might have a hard time doing that, but I bet with enough call backs you'll get it. Just need to talk to the right person.

    Maybe this will help you?

    This thread is where that came from. Read through it, maybe you'll find your answer.
  6. CostaRicaScott

    Thread Starter

    The phone never gave me a chance to enter the unlock code. So it can't
    Be the code I bought because I never entered it.
  7. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    Have you read throught the thread I posted?

    This is the thing that jumped out at me:
    I'm not running stock, so I can't verify any of this.
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  8. CostaRicaScott

    Thread Starter

    Great advise and it worked! I was going to try that option but I was a little intimidated since it also had a option to lock it. I didn't know if it would screw up my phone and then I would not be able to fix it.

    Thanks all for the suggestions now I know that if I bring another one of the Incredible 2 phones to Costa Rica I can unlock it using this option.


    Now I need to find out how to configure the Edge.
  9. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Android Expert

    The helpful rep at Global Support didn't mention disabling the SIM lock.

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