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Help!! Please help!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Curster, May 4, 2012.

  1. Curster

    Curster Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok I have flashed roms, mods, themes, kernek etc now for a couple years with two bricks and a thousand successes... the two phones I bricked within a month were the Admire...

    Now I believe I have soft bricked it... I rooted and installed CWM with no problems... After flashing the CM7RC1 I get

    E: Cant open/cache/recovery/log........ about 3 times in a row??

    Do I need to Use Odin to put it back to the original recovery mode???

    Sometimes it goes into Ramdump mode too....

    This is my girlfriends phone and she is going to kill me... I own the Esteem zero problems to date.


  2. ajamie123

    ajamie123 Well-Known Member

    I've gotten that as well the error and ramdump, with ramdump just pull the battery and boot the phone. after it completely boots go back to recovery and see if the cache error is still there if it is you can try reflashing. make sure your using the cwm as well
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  3. Curster

    Curster Member
    Thread Starter

    I am using after rebooting I get stuck on the SCH-R720 SAMSUNG screen... I don't suppose I need to wait there for 10 mins or something??

    And I have tried reflashing... the first flash worked for a min in CM7 then went to the ramdump screen

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