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Help please. My phone keeps restarting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cwilkinson1998, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    Recently my phone has just been restarting itself allot and it is getting very annoying. The phone would just be sitting beside me and the next thing I see is the Samsung boot screen. It never restarts when I'm using the phone. Just when it's standing by.

    I was thinking an emergency firmware recovery through Samsung kies might work. But I'm afraid of losing my apps. If I do this will the apps be removed or will they be there just as usual?

    Current android version that i have is gingerbread 2.3.3

    Thanks for any help or advice in advance

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  2. GrahamF

    GrahamF Android Enthusiast

    Hi, common problem sadly, starts on Froyo & Gingerbread updates don't seem to cure it! Don't waste time with playing around with firmware etc..., nothing helps in the long run. Leaving your wifi on when not in use or out of range is the main culprit, so turn wifi off when not in use. Hopefully somebody somewhere is working on a proper fix, but until then............:( Graham (the 'thanks' button is easy to find!! ;))
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  3. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for replying. I tried some things with wifi settings and when I turn the wifi sleep policy to never sleep the phone hasn't restarted since. Thanks again.
  4. Cardboard

    Cardboard Newbie

    Hi GrahamF,

    Are you referring to the Sleep of Death issue with Froyo? I used to have that whereby the phone didn't restart, it just switched itself off when the wifi was on, but then upgraded to Gingerbread which seemingly cured it. I say seemingly, as although the phone no longer switches itself off when the wifi is on, it will exhibit the same problem as the thread starter, where it will just restart itself randomly, irrespective of whether wifi is on or not :\

  5. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    This is exactly my problem
  6. Cardboard

    Cardboard Newbie

    Have you managed to find a solution yet cwilkinson1998? Im still struggling :(
  7. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    The only solutions I can find is all about flashing a new ROM, the last time I tried that I bricked the phone :(

    I am looking, every few days I'd Google it to see what comes up.
    We can only hope that Samsung will release an update that fixes this
  8. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    My phone has started to do this now when Wifi is off, but I've noticed it doesn't do it when I turn Wi-Fi off then use the phone for ten or so minutes, then lock it.

    It must be something to do with Wi-Fi drivers maybe??

    We might be getting close to a solution here! :)
  9. Flaviu

    Flaviu Well-Known Member

    Make a back-up of your files and factory reset your phone. It may work :)
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  10. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    Tried that... It didn't work for me :(

    I started a thread over at XDA, (I prefer here! I use xda for custom roms)

    Link : Help. My galaxy ace keeps restarting itself. - Page 2 - xda-developers

    I'm getting some results from there, but none have fully fixed the problem, Have a look!

    Thanks for your suggestion anyway, I've gave you a thumbs up! :)
  11. Cardboard

    Cardboard Newbie

    Im having EXACTLY the same problem as you cwilkinson1998 down to a T! But why is it just us two? If its a driver problem, then surely more people would have it.

    Could it be a specific app that is messing things up I wonder?

    Additional apps other than stock that I have are:

    Bluetooth file transfer
    Easy Battery Saver
    Handcent SMS
    Bluetooth Volume
    Locas Pro
    Droid Runner
    LG Camcorder Free
    LG Camera Free
    Opera Mini
    Simple Calender Widget
    3G Watchdog
    RAC Traffic

    Do you have any of these? If so, then maybe whichever we have in common is messing up our phones??
  12. Cardboard

    Cardboard Newbie

    BTW, in your XDA thread, you said you solved it with cyanogenmod 7.2. Are you not running that anymore? If not, why not??
  13. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    From that list I have 3G watchdog, Opera Mini, Compass, Flashlight, Bluetooth File Transfer.

    I don't think it it is an app because I'm sure other people have 3G watchdog on their galaxy ace and all the other apps we have in common don't run in the background.

    But I'm glad to know I'm not alone with this problem!
  14. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    Cyanogenmod solved the constant pain of the phone restarting but after a while it began to 'not wake up' where it shows you the launch screen (Internet slang, 'Sleep of Death' or 'SOD') so I went back to stock ROM.

    Tomorrow I have free time so I'm going to try Cyanogenmod again, only this time I'll do a full wipe, cache wipe and dalvik cache wipe so there is nothing getting in the way. I'll be using ClockWorkMod 5.

    I'll let you know how I get on or if its solved this problem properly this time.

    Just out of interest, what mobile network are you on? Most carriers modify the OS, and other people on the same carrier as me are having some problems with their android phones.

    Thanks, Chris
  15. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    Sorry about the late reply. On Friday I have cyanogen mod another go.

    So far, no problems except for the odd lag. But it has only restarted once. (better than before!)

    I think cyanogen mod does solve the problem but not 100% we still need to do more research into why it is restarting.
  16. cwilkinson1998

    Thread Starter

    I removed the apps from my phone that we had in common. But it still restarts for me. But not as badly now with cyanogen
  17. Hello there,

    Any other news/solution to this problem?? I am having exactly the same problem here.
  18. abrash

    abrash Lurker

    Same problem here. I'd like to ask cwilkinson1998, where did you found a cyanmodgen OS for ace2?
  19. sniperdude

    sniperdude Newbie

    same issue

    only recently started tho.

    will factory reset after jellybean update next month and only install the apps i always use see if this sorts it

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