Help Help Please. Side load - non Amazon books to Kindle Fire HD


I have checked through the forum for the Kindle Fire to find a clear simple way to add my mobi book collection (non Amazon) to the the Kindle fire.

Can someone please tell me exactly how to do it as most thngs I read about here is for sideloading app's which does not help me.

I am sure there are threads on this subject relating to other tablets, but I cannot find anything for the kindle fire.

Many thanks



If the collection is from another supplier and is DRM protected, then a couple of options:
1) Install the other provider if they have an app, sign in and download again.
2) Remove the DRM first:

DRM Removal Tools for eBooks | Apprentice Alf

Then copy the mobi files into /sdcard/kindle using any file explorer (I recommend ES File Explorer)
I have a number of .mobi files without DRM, and when dropped into this folder they appear on the carousel.


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Inksaver, thanks for your reply, I am still a little confused but will give it a try,
My mobi are from an old kindle that we use to have, that were saved onto my pc - DRM free, now if I get what you are saying I am to

1. download a copy of ES file explorer (sideloaded onto the kindle fire - I know how to do this)
2. then find /sdcard/kindle using ES file explorer and drop my mobi files into that folder - my flies are in one big folder which contains individual folders each holding one mobi file + one book cover + one metadata .opf as originally saved by Calibre software - DO I DROP THEM IN AS INDIVIDUAL FOLDERS
3. reboot the kindle and I should then find them on the carousel of the kindle fire hd.

If anyone reading this finds this is not correct please steer me in the right direction.

Thank you..


If you already have the files on your PC then it is even easier, just plug the Kindle into the USB port on the PC. The contents of the /sdcard folder is all you can get to from the PC, so a simple drag'n'drop into the "Kindle" sub-folder will do it.

Mine are one long list of .mobi files without any sub-folders. The cover images still appear on the carousel. As an experiment just drop a couple of plain .mobi files in and a couple of the individual folders (different books) and see what happens.


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You could send your .mobi books to the Amazon-Kindle server into your Kindle archiv :)
But not from your Kindle app!

Use the ES File Explorer for this, long press on the .mobi file, on the pop up menu choose 'Share' and on the next pop up menu you can choose 'Amazon send to Kindle' ... voila.

But note, your sent books won't be members of WhisperSync :(
EDIT: I've to correct this, PDFs won't be synct, but .mobi books will be synct :)



I've been using a Kindle (Fire and/or ereader) since the Kindle 1.

The easiest way to add non-DRM books to your Kindle is via the Send to Kindle app from the pc where the books are located.

After you install the app, you can right-click on a number of them to load to your device. I think it is a 15 books per attempt, but the app will let you know. You can send to one/multiple devices and set to only send via wifi. If you send using the Kindle 3G, you'll incur charges.

At the same time, you can choose whether or not to store the books in you Kindle library and if you do, the furthest read location will sync between devices.
If you use Calibre, then you should use that app's settings to convert the books when you send them to the device if your current format is incompatible. Calibre will also eliminate figuring out folders, etc.