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Help please, ZTE Racer II shutting down (First time Android user)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Neilb24, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all just a quick couple of questions about some problems i'm having with my new ZTE Racer II

    1. It seems to completely shut down frequently if not in use for a number of hours (usually when i'm alseep). The turn on button wont turn it back on either, i have to remove the battery and then re-insert, then the power button works again.

    2. When the phone goes into lock mode after 30 seconds i cannot use the touch screen to get the screen up again and unlock, I have to press the small power button on top to light the screen up, is this normal?

    Any answers at all would be very helpful to me!!


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  2. tomcelic

    tomcelic Lurker

    Hey, no solutions here but just letting you know I have the exact same problem with the phone turning off and having to re-insert the battery. A friend of mine who got one for Christmas also has the same problem !

    I'm currently debating whether to get another model or not because a replacement would have the same issues I assume...
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  3. darkuni

    darkuni Android Enthusiast

    When the phone "sleeps", the touch screen will NOT wake it up. Normally the power button (and sometimes the HOME physical button) will wake it up.

    This is normal.

    ANYTIME you have to take your battery out of the phone - not normal. Not normal at all.
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  4. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Cheers for the reply mate, interesting to hear that you and your friend are having the same problem, seems too much of a coincidence.

    I'm also debating whether its annoying enough to warrant a trade in to a different model.....really hoping its one of these issues that resolves itself!
  5. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Cheers for the touch screen info seems correct, I really wasn't sure as a review I read online seemed to suggest the opposite!

    As for the other problem, its a bit of a pain.....especially since the poster above and one of his friends has the same problem. I'm suprised I didn't find more info on the internet about it since it must be a common problem with this model.
  6. darkuni

    darkuni Android Enthusiast

    When I had a Blackberry, I had DAILY battery pulls. Seemed ... normal. Once I got on Android? The only battery pulls I've really had to do related to me doing things outside of normal operation (hacking on the phone) where a battery pull does make sense.

    It really sounds to me that you have something in operation that makes the OS completely unresponsive (you've "frozen" something you shouldn't have .. you're using a task killer ... stuff like that).

    Anything like that sound like I might be in the ballpark? Custom ROM ... ? Anything like that?
  7. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No mate afraid not, I'm a first time Android user and have been using a phone for the past 4 years that was a talk and text device and nothing else so at the moment i've been running very little on the phone, easing myself in....the only task i've undrtaken so far is importing some music for the music player!

    I'm currently trying to see if there is any correlation with battery level, and the way it shuts down. I'm pretty sure twice that is shut down the battery was <30%, it was still on this morning when i woke up so no issue last night and the battery was in good shape no maybe just have to be careful, will wait and see! Cheers for the response!
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    I've noticed on a number of Android phones that it tends to get laggy or could even shut down randomly at low battery levels if there is a number of processes running.

    I am wondering if the case is you having very low battery levels, but there are a number of processes running in the background. Note that pressing the home button to exit an application will NOT turn off that app. It merely sends the app to the background. To exit an app, either press "back" button or menu>exit. If an app does not have an exit button or back does not completely exit it, it means its a normal background running service anyway, and the OS will turn it off on its own if not accessed after a certain amount of time, or when resources are needed.
  9. tanasen

    tanasen Lurker

    Hello there, and happy new year! I have the same issue with my phone shutting down randomly and not turning on unless I remove and re-insert the battery! Same problem had another guy in another forum! Maybe we could complain to ZTE directly...
    By the way, my battery's life was over 60% the last time it shut down.
  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    I've move the thread here to the ZTE Racer forum, maybe others here would like to chime in as well.

    Sounds like a tough problem - I don't have the answers, but I do wish you best luck on getting this resolved!
  11. Bought this as a present as an intorduction to android and having the same problem. When the phone is not in use(usualy at night) it turns off and requires the battery to be taken out and put back in again before it restarts. The most annoying thing ever as the alarm cant be trusted now either. I think ill have to exchange for a different phone as judging by above comments its a common fault. Any ideas people?
  12. mlink73

    mlink73 Lurker

    I have exactly the same issue, my racer ii shuts down at random and I have to take thew battery out to restart, great when you intent to use the phone as an alarm in the morning......:mad:

    Going to contact emobile and see what they have to say about it.
  13. tanasen

    tanasen Lurker

    Last night my battery was at 91%, the only processes that were running were the digital clock widget, loadsimcontactservice, omadrmservice and the Gokeyboard. I set the alarm and fell to sleep. In the morning the device was shut off ( I woke up by myself :mad:) and when I rebboted the device with the classic old trick (that is removing and re-inserting the battery) I checked on the battery and it was down to 66%!! WTF!!!!
  14. Neilb24

    Neilb24 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys cheers for all the repsonses, seems alot of people are having this issue....does anyone think directly contacting ZTE would reap any rewards?

    Just a thought, has everyone who had experienced this problem recently received the phone?

    I'm just asking because my phone hasn't shut down in maybe 5 days (i've only had it for 9) so maybe its a problem with the phone in its early days, finding its feet so to speak :)

    (The above is based on absolutely no technical expertise!)
  15. tanasen

    tanasen Lurker

    I contacted ZTE and their responce was: 'For your problem, please contact your dealer to check the handset.
    If the shop willing to swap a new one for you,you can try to use it,if any problem you can consult us.'

    I have mine for around three weeks and it has shut down no more than 5 times. This seems like a minor problem but I'm not happy about it. I'm gonna have it replaced I guess.
    Has anyone tried to root the phone and install gingerbread?
  16. choqman

    choqman Lurker

    Hello the fellow androiders... I bought my ZTE Racer II in december. I've been having the same problem with my phone as well. The differnce is that I noticed that my phone "dies" in standby ONLY when I have my wireless ON. When my wireless is OFF the phone works fine. I checked to see if any of the applications is responsible but the only improvement I made was to delay the death of my phone from 1 minute (at first) to a few hours (now). The fact that many users have the same problem is troubling me and I hope ZTE releases an update... I'm planing to return the phone back to Cosmote (My network provider here in Greece) and ask for another model or a FULL REFUND...
  17. alimerick

    alimerick Lurker

    Just adding this to show this seems to be a zte specific problem. I also am having the exact same issues as outlined. if you are reading this and thinking of getting one......DONT!:mad:
  18. Brainless

    Brainless Newbie

    Hello, I have such phone from three days. It is actually custom branded, but I don't think that matters.
    For now, I don't have any problems with it. Works perfectly.
    And my provider(Globul, Bulgaria) sales it with life time warranty.
    As it is a new phone, may be only some early units have a such problem.
  19. Brainless

    Brainless Newbie

    I also have problem with restarts. But only when 3G is active.
  20. CaNiJr

    CaNiJr Lurker

    Hi everyone one,
    i'm a new android user too,
    and i have the same problem with this phone. What i saw is that the battery falls out a bit and i thought that it was the problem.
    So, what i did is putting a piece of cardboard to fit better the battery with the cover. I did it 5 days ago, and i havent got the problem so far.

    (sorry bout my english, im spanish =S )
  21. karlitosway

    karlitosway Lurker

    same problem here and it happens even when charging. Seeing as the battery is so bad this is now daily event every night.

    2nd phone in 3 months going back because of issues. Whats with companies releasing products without being fully tested???
  22. kochmalarski

    kochmalarski Lurker

    Hi palls, I have the same problem- the solution is to stop the data transfer, from the the settings. Put them on only when you use GPRS!:thinking:
  23. kochmalarski

    kochmalarski Lurker

    Hi again, the problem is in the flash- uninstall every flash player and browser with flash! The phone is incompatible with adobe flash player!
  24. CaNiJr

    CaNiJr Lurker

    there are so many people giving different solutions... are there any answer which has been tested?
  25. pbnum10

    pbnum10 Lurker

    Have the same problem. Mine poweres off during long calls !!!!! I just open and remove and replace battery.

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