Dec 1, 2009
hi guys,

am being driven around the twist by my phone.... HTC Hero.... When i try to send a sms to someone the "TO" button sends me to my email address's and not my phone book! Am sure it is a simple setting problem but i can't find where to change it for love 'nor money. Can anyone help?!

cheers for the reply but....tried that and no joy.... still only comes up with email addresses!

ps. on the "add favorites" gizmo it too comes up with email addresses.... defo a wrong setting somewhere?
I find it easiest to either (a) use People to find who I want to contact, tap the name and select "Send message" or (b) as Trick suggested just type their name into the To: field in the Messages app until the correct one appears.

I've got a rubbish memory for numbers so names are easiest for me to work with. :eek: