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Help Please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mikekellydroid, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. mikekellydroid

    Thread Starter

    My auto rotate doesnt work any more. It was not working before i rooted the phone. Still isnt working after trying 3 diff roms n kernals. Currently using newest ct rom with hyperkernal. The accelerometer seems to be working in games. and bubble level works but it needs to be calibrated everytime. Now when i turn on auto-rotate the screen gets stuck in landscape mode. Can anyone help?

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  2. mikekellydroid

    Thread Starter

    thats a good tool, but still no dice jus gets stuck in inverse portrait mode. i read on other forums people have cured with adb on the nexus phone, but have no clue on how to do with the marquee.
  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Have you tried a different ROM to see if it's a bug in your current one?
  4. Phrant1c

    Phrant1c Android Enthusiast

    Did you check to make sure the rotation toggle is enabled?
  5. mikekellydroid

    Thread Starter

    yes all settings are correct. and its done this b4 i rooted and after and i have tried 3 dif roms. all the same. i dont think its a hardware because it seems to work in some apps n games. it rotates when in landscape mode from side to side and same with portrait, but wont rotate from portrait to landscape and vice versa. and when i turn on auto rotate it goes straight to landscape and stays like that. i dunno im at a lost.
  6. mikekellydroid

    Thread Starter

    heres an update kinda of some other options I have tried. I replaced the akmd2 file with 3 different ones and it still doesnt work. Under the hidden menu i did gyro test and it passed perfectly, under the acceleration test it automatically failed. guess its hardware, but i guess ill send it to lg :(. Do i have to unroot before i send it in?

    SOLVED:: took battery out and tapped the inside of the phone with my finger and now its working. I guess it gets stuck sometimes. I dunno

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