help please


How do u get your HTC 1X out of safe mode?
Can any one help me!
I have micromax a60 rooted. I downloaded rom manager. I tried to flash custom recovery clockwork mod but an error arise that say problem while flashing recovery. After that I.
Tried to do factory reset but nothing yet happened. It just go to power off..

Before flashing the recovery i tried to do back up of current rom. . Is this is the cause of my phone problems..

I rooted my android just to flash a new rom.. but my android is not flashing recovery and not doing factory reset.

I'm stuck with this android. Pls help!
Hey the chief i read all on the forum. About micromax a60. Problem solutions. There were, 70 threads. I checked them all. But there was no solution for my problem. I also created a new thread there.
Hey the chief my problem Is solved now i have recovery. I went to manufacturer to solve this and this done can u tell me which rom is good for updating my a60