Help, please!!

i have managed to transfer my pics from the gallery to the micro sd card, am i able to delete them from the gallery without deleting them off the sd card-i tried with one but it deleted it from both???


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You could try removing the SD card before you do the deletions or use a File Manager to delete the files from the phone instead of using the gallery.

Smokey Mc Pot

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The best way to remove the photos from the gallery aka: (hiding that compromising pictures).

*You need to use a good file manager with the capability to generate and store the photos in a zip file folder.

*The other option is to store the pictures on the cloud. Ex: "Dropbox".
In that way you can access the pictures easily and they will not be displayed on the gallery. ;)


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In the gallery, you will see photos displayed that are located on internet and external storage. The gallery is designed to handle and display ALL your photos. You're not saving a photo with the gallery, you're OPENING the photo through the gallery is all. It's not being saved to two locations. If your photos are now located on your SDCard then the only files stored locally on the phone will be the thumbnails cache which is a negligible amount of storage space.

If you don't want them to show in the gallery then i think you're missing the point of what the gallery app does and is for.