help please


This may make me a ******, but I need help. I downloaded HTC sync on my pc from their website, and connected my phone to sync my contacts. It doesn't work. My phone says cannot find htc sync on my computer when its on and running in front of me. WTFk?:(


Are you running the Sprint roms of 2.1 (leak or official)? If so, the process to mount the phone is a bit different than it was in 1.5, HTC sync will no longer automatically pick up the phone and vice versa. You have to manually switch it into HTC sync mode on the phone. In the notification bar you will see the USB symbol. Pull down the notification bar, and it will probably say "Charge Only" Select "HTC Sync" and then hit "Done". Now HTC Sync and the phone should see each other. Once again, I can only speak for 2.1 roms from Sprint, (Leaks and Official) I hope this works for you.


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Your contacts are all backed up on your gmail account unless you changed them to "phone" contacts. There is no need to back them up any further. Also, the root will not wipe any info from your phone, just allow you access into the recovery mode and such.

Edit: Flashing a new ROM is what will wipe the info from your phone.


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First off... some have had a problem with the new SYNC, try the one one the card that came with the HERO. The you can update it later.

The contacts will NOT be in Google unless you allowed that or set them up as Google contacts. But more than that, you might want to look for a good backup app that will back up all your app's etc/, if you plan to root. That way there is less work to do later on.

Anyway... my $.02



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The default contact setting is "Google" which will sync to your gmail unless you have syncing turned off. If that's the case, just turn it on and they will sync up as long as they are "Google" contacts, and not "Phone". I believe the backup options for PDAnet are on the PC side while the phone is plugged in via USB. Never used it though. I just use MyBackup. It backs EVERYTHING up. Titanium Backup is good also from what I understand, but only works with root and a custom ROM. I agree with cooolone though, just use the Sync that came with the phone. That's all I did.