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HELP PLS! gt-p1000 sudden excessive battery draining and temperature heating up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by roserice1, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. roserice1

    roserice1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    4 days ago my galaxy tab entered safe mode on it's own for no apparent reason, i just rebooted tab and it went back to normal.

    But since then i noticed an excessive battery drop and change in temperature. Every time after fully charging, the battery drops at a 1% per minute rate. Also, a few mins of usage (atleast 5mins) will quickly escalate temperature causing the back of my tab to heat up (from 30-35 deg.celcius */readings based frm system pannel lite/*).

    So i backtracked my recent activities but i have not installed anything recently except an update for my lookout premium, adobe flash player and easy battery saver. All done via google play. I havent dropped the tab or accidentally got it wet or anything like that. My normal battery would last atleast 20hrs just surfing using wifi, a few games here and there anddevice would only heat up during charging.

    I uninstalled both lookout and battery saver, the battery drop improved a bit now. Im constantly on airplane mode, sync off, minimal screen brightness, wifi turned off when not in use, but battery would last only around 8hours and tab still heats up a lot.

    Im on froyo 2.2, unrooted, tab abt 8months old, this is the first time this has happened.

    P.s. A week earlier i found 4apps infected w/trojan plankton. And uninstalled all malicious apps. Could it be an after effect or probably some of the virus are still on my tab?

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  2. Romulous

    Romulous Well-Known Member

    Hi roserice1.

    I think you did the correct thing by uninstalling the 'saver' apps.

    These are something that i have my reservations about as they 'can' help to save battery life overall, but usually at the cost of something else.

    I guess my main concern would be that fact that you are running a rather old version of android, there is an ICS version of the android platform available for your device and i would recommend upgrading to that, but only after doing a factory reset.

    I would be overly concerned about the infections that you have experienced on your tab, and i would suggest that once you have upgraded your android OS that you also install some antivirus software.

    You might also want to ensure that you are not turning off the option in the system setting to 'allow unknown sources' to install to your tablet.

    Although the android/google play store is not the only avenue to avail of applications, it's not to say these othere websites can be 'trusted' as to the material that they are providing.
  3. glussier

    glussier Newbie

    I would do a factory reset on that tab. And, download software from safe places like the play store. He should also install an Antivirus. I use AVG pro, but there are others as good.

    The upgrade to ICS wouldn't bring anything except a newer interface, and if he is using the hdmi dock, a non working hdmi port.

    There should be an OTA upgrade to Gingerbread for this tab, he should probably check for updates to see if it is available for his tab.

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