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Help plz, transferring apps and data over

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by np1990, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. np1990

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    evening all search and googled multiple times but just dead ends!

    basically got a xperia z5 and transferring to a xz2 compact managed to send over photos, contacts messages - eventually!

    but none of my apps are transferring over never had this issue with my z5 straighforward! im 3 days in now and banging my head against the wall!

    literally not getting nowhere google drive just keeps coming up with errors, and sd card comes up with errors and xperia transfer doesnt transfer the apps?!!!!

    tried various apps on google play they all transfer the app shell with no data.

    various other software are all paid for i dont even mind paying if it sorts it cause i am wasting my time out here!

    can someone please advise or reccomend an app or software that will transfer my existing apps - i only have two which i care about as well!!

    so if anyone could please please advise how to do this it would be much appreciated.


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