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help prob with samsung galaxy tab from att 10.1 loop boot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mikemike1234, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. mikemike1234

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    hello everyone i am back

    you guys help me very much with rooting my phones . so i thought i would give this a try again .

    i have a att samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet. the tab has been running ok for past few mounths untile a week ago i turned it off and let it charge ans then turned it back on it dose it logo thing from samsung and then the att loggo and then starts over again gose into a loop untell i power it down by using the power down meth or buy letting it loop tell batt dies.

    i have tryed a restoart using the power cycle and same result

    this are thing i have tryed i have tryed the othere steps that others have tryed byy trying ot do a hard sys reset when i do this i get a screen that loads and says as fallows

    a custom OS can cause a critical problems in tablet and instailed applications.

    if you want ot download a custom OS, press the volum up key otherwise press the volum down key to cancel.

    now if i press cancel it reboots and dose the loop if i press up for continue it dose it shows a nother creen and says

    product name sgh-1957_na_att
    custom binay download no
    current binay samsung offical

    then shows a pic of the adroid guy and says downloading...
    do no durn off target

    and thats it so i have to reboot the tablet back into the loop or power it down.

    i dont have any chocies that come up as have been suggested in the other forums and guides and help topics

    i have also tryed to get into the recovery and have not been able to .

    i bought this tab from a friend and she says when i bought it it has nto been rooted that she knows of and that she didnt even know how to do it and that no one ever used it but her.

    i can tell you that only probs i ever had was that it ran slow and froze quit often.

    any ideas would be great

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