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Help Real fast please guys

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PDConner, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. PDConner

    PDConner Member
    Thread Starter

    I just got a 2nd Samsung Galaxy S2 today in the mail... I noticed right off the BAT 2 things are wrong..

    1) the screen has a yellow tent to the whites.. the other (first one) is PERFECT.. they are both set exactly the same in brightness and I have changed them both and they are still the same issue no matter where I put the brightness..

    2) on the one I got today (also the one that has a yellow tent) if I go into mail I cant add the yahoo account to it.. If I go into mail in the first one it works great when i configure it for yahoo..

    I sent into settings and found this..

    Basebad version on th dim one is (also cant connect to yahoo)
    Baseband version on bright one is (also can connect to yahoo)

    Kernal Verison on Dim one (also cant connect to yahoo) root@dell101 #2
    Kernal Version on Bright one and can work with yahoo se.infra@SEP-50 #2

    Build Version on Dim one (also cant connect to yahoo)
    Build Version on Bright one that works with yahoo mail

    Please guys help out.. should I send this phone back or can I match them some how.. I connect it to Kies and it says it is the updated version it says it on both of the phones.. HEKLP PLEASE

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  2. jbarresi19

    jbarresi19 Newbie

    Are you from the US?
  3. PDConner

    PDConner Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes from the USA and like I said the first one I got works GREAT everything and is Bright and the yahoo mail (can be configured) using the Mail account (and using the Add Account option)

    The second phone isnt as bright (has a yellowish tent) and also always says "bad username or password" no matter how many times I try and configure it..

    The photos show the new one (on the left) is less bright no matter where I set it and also the one on the right is the older one that works with yahoo and also is brighter

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  4. jbarresi19

    jbarresi19 Newbie

    Imm really sorry I can't help you but maybe you can help me if you don't mind. Im looking to get this phone. I have found a few people who have them but I'm concerned about the warranty as its not made in the US right now. Where did you get urs? and you have any idea how the warranty works?
  5. PDConner

    PDConner Member
    Thread Starter

    There is no US Warranty (I got mine on Amazon) but you can get it if you go through the country that it came from.. Pain but I hope I dont need to use it.. If you want all that I would wait till it comes out in a few weeks.. But I love the (home button) and the US version wont have that..
  6. jbarresi19

    jbarresi19 Newbie

    You mention you are thinking of sending it back and I'm just curious where you got it and where you would send it back too?
  7. jbarresi19

    jbarresi19 Newbie

    Whats different with the home button?
  8. PDConner

    PDConner Member
    Thread Starter

    The US verson wont have the main home button on the buttom (like the iphone) but the Internation version does..

    Also if you buy it from Amazon you have 30 days to send it back to them (they will pay for shipping and all that back to them)

    I got mine from some vendor that sales through amazon
  9. jbarresi19

    jbarresi19 Newbie

    Great thanks, hope all works out for you

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