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Support Help requested RE: wifi tethering and 2.2.X firmware + rooting (T-mobile specific)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Claymorbmaster, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Claymorbmaster

    Thread Starter
    Sep 27, 2011

    Sep 27, 2011
    I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) running 2.1.x firmware. I was able to root it easily almost a year ago. The reason I rooted my phone was I wanted Wifi tethering at work. At this time, T-mobile did not offer it as a plan. So I use Barnacle and things are hunky-dory.

    However, for the past while, I have become increasingly distraught over my poor reception at my home. It is only 1-2 bars, if I'm lucky, and frequently drops the network, so no texting etc etc. I am losing calls, not receiving calls and texts...

    This brings us to today. I went to T-mobile to inquire (I was in the area) and the associate told me to upgrade my FW. He informed me that (and internet research confirms) 2.2 introduces wifi-calling and (official) wifi-tethering. I have done two full hours of google/forum searching and I cannot find a straight answer for my concerns.

    I don't believe in paying an additional fee for wifi-tethering. The already 30 extra charged is MORE than fair. However, I know that, since the OFW introduces wifi-thethering, is there a chance that T-mobile will be able to monitor even third party apps (such as Barnacle?)?

    To summarize:
    1.) Can T-mobile detect wifi-tethering using firmware 2.2.xx or higher, even through 3rd party software?
    2.) When I update, I should only update to 2.2.x, as 2.3.4 is currently unrootable, correct?
    3.) I think I have a handle on it, but what is the easiest way to root 2.2.x firmware? Superoneclick?
    4.) Of course, if there is a way to do wifi-calling (and receiving, I dont want to ONLY call) through some other means, I'd be glad to hear them. But I do not want to set up, say, a Skype account or Google Voice. I want to use my phone normally, as a phone, just through Wifi as opposed to network signal.

    I think that is it. I appreciate any responses in advanced. I'm not gonna make any moves until I have confirmation >_<


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