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Help rooting Prevail on Ubuntu?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Old_Member, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Old_Member

    Old_Member Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hey! You may know me from the LG Motion forums but that phone took a drown. Now I am using the prevail as my daily phone but I want to root it.

    I am running Ubuntu 12.10 (Not the 12.04 LTS) and I want to root this Prevail. I am willing to do anything except install Windows (Yup...)
    So anyone got a guide I can follow?

    Note - I do have "Wine" that allows about 75% of Windows .exe files to be opened. So anyone got any fresh ideas that I can do to root this bad boy and install a ROM? (I am desperately in need of a ROM , this phone is slow , I could just root it and install Seeder then I have no lag)

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  2. vce2005

    vce2005 Android Expert

    Hi there,

    well, since you are not using Windows, you're toast ! ;) The Prevail ONLY ( and I say ONLY again ) can be rooted using ODIN, which is a Windows program !! So without a Windows computer, you're SOOL !!! Might need to go to a friend and borrow their Windows computer and then use this guide :

    GUIDE][CTmod] Rooting the Prevail for Dummies (written by a dummy)
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  3. Old_Member

    Old_Member Guest
    Thread Starter

    Well , I ordered the Windows Installation Disc.

    I have like only 4 friends that I actually trust but all of them have broken computers except one of them but he doesn't let anyone touch his "Epic laptop" if its a small Dell piece of shiz that costed $80 at the flea market and it can barely open IE8 without waiting 3 minutes.

    :( I am getting this phone activated in like a week or so and I am getting a Windows Installation disc by atleast Tuesday.... (I actually Needed windows for Monday which is tomorrow for school but I hope they don't ask for any laptop related activities....)

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