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Support Help! Samsung S3 touch screen doesn't work!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by krgon, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. krgon

    krgon New Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 6, 2013
    OK, so I made the stupid mistake of having my phone in my back pocket and dropping it in the toilet! (Only good thing was that my phone was dead.) So I picked it up quickly and started to shake the phone back and forth to get the water out of the charger hole and a lot came out. Then after 5-7 minutes I took out the battery and the sd card and with a napkin dabbed whatever water there was. Then I put it to charge, and turned on my phone and the screen was fuzzy and the colors weren't that great but hey I was happy it turned on. Anyways after about 5 minutes I took out the battery again and then tryed to use the "hair dryer method" did this for about 2-3 mins. Finally I let the whole phone dry for about an hour and a half then turned it on and it seemed OK the colors and screen went back to normal so I thought I should charge it (stupidest mistake I've ever made) and it charged for about an hour it was a little slow and sometimes I wouldn't push anything and the back button would light up and take me to the home page but after sometime it stopped. Now I was left it alone for a while and now it won't recognize my fingerprint, or when someone touches it. I think my warranty doesn't cover water damage so I'm going to have to fork up 150 dollars. What did I do wrong? Can I fix it still? Or Do I go and buy a new one?


  2. Burner2004

    Burner2004 Well-Known Member

    Jun 15, 2011
    The trick after getting your phone wet is to leave it off and take the battery out for 1-2 days, allowing air to go the places where the water went and dry it During my first month with SGS I spilled a full glass of whiskey and coke on top of it. I took the battery out and waited 2 days before I switch it on. It worked as new.

    Some people could suggest putting it in a pocket with rice (which is supposed to take the wetness out).

    Never switch on your phone after you made it wet at least for 10h or so. If there is water the electric current passing through the system could fry it or damage components as you have seen for yourself.
  3. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2012
    Alabama USA
    If you have insurance it would be the least expensive way to get the phone repaired/replaced.

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