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help! sense for thunderbolt!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NaHPrO, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. NaHPrO

    NaHPrO Member
    Thread Starter

    I installed the htc sense and it worked ok after i installed a new radio, didnt get service at first, now i do, it worked all night, then all of the sudden, it deleted all my contacts, and when i click gmail it just opens and exits automatically, market place did the same thing... i went into liquid tools and went to install stock market, now my market place is gone completely. my titanium backup has no back ups, the rom manager had my old one, but i cant get rom manager becuz i cant go to market, and when i plug my phone up to my computer and click sd mount or whatever, it doesnt mount, i cannot do anything but usb charge only....idk what to do? plz help.

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  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    so i take it you installed "liquid gingersense" ?

    this is exactly why people should not use rom manager. it is an app,in a working rom,and will not always be available for you to use.

    what you need to do,is use a file manager to remove the PG05IMG from your sd card,since you prolly didnt rename or delete it after you installed your new radios.

    now,power off the phone. power on while holding vol down. press vol down slightly first,and hold both till you get to hboot. after it checks for files(you see the green writing flash) select recovery.

    once youre in recovery,you can:
    1)install a working backup
    2)relfash liquid gingersense
    3)flash a new rom

    any of these should get you back to a working phone. when flshing,make sure to wipe data/factory reset,wipe cache,wipe dalvik cache. there are more detailed directions on wiping,flashing,etc. manually in recovery in post #3 of the how to sticky.

    last and not least,the phone not connecting to your pc was an issue with older GB sense roms(not sure if liquid uses a newer kernel) and was resolved by selecting internet pass thru first. give it a few seconds,then select disc drive. if this doesnt work,try different cables,and moving the cable to different ports on your PC.
  3. NaHPrO

    NaHPrO Member
    Thread Starter

    ok well i went on the phone to try what you said, and i swear i downloaded astro file manager or something like that last night, but now its not on there... so there is no way for me to delete the PG05IMG... plus market isnt even on the phone, so theres no way to get it. any suggestions?
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    try what i described above to connect to your pc. plug in,select "charge only" give it a few seconds. select "internet pass thru" and give it another few seconds. now select "disk drive" and it should work.

    failing that,you will need to simply pull your sd card and place it into a card reader,or another cell phone that either has a file manager,or is plug-into-the-pc-able. for some reason my lil card reader stopped reading files,so when i got into a pinch the other day i put the TBs sd card into my eris to delete the PG05IMG :eek:
  5. NaHPrO

    NaHPrO Member
    Thread Starter

    ok the internet pass through thing worked and let me mount my sd card. im reinstalling the liquid generation sense now. is this a bad version of sense?
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    i oculdnt really say,i havent had much interest in sense roms since AOSP has become more stable.

    you mihgt search on rootz and see if theres a discussion thread there( Thunderbolt ) or on xda.

    also,id try droid th3orys "shift s3ns3" i have run that recently,and DTs roms are top notch,IMO. theres a discussion of it on the front page here,i believe.

    edit: http://androidforums.com/thunderbolt-all-things-root/407867-rom-shifts3ns3-droidth3ory.html
  7. NaHPrO

    NaHPrO Member
    Thread Starter

    what is AOSP? is it a good rom? and can u give me the link to download it if it is?...i got mine to work now, thanks for the help. oh and i looked on youtube for the sense roms, and the one the guy was showing, was like 3d... instead of swipping the phone and it going back and forth from left to right, it looked like it was going around in a circle, any idea what this is and how to get it?
  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    AOSP is Android Open Source Project. it is basic,vanilla-ish android with no skin on top. in other words,no htc sense. if youre fond of the sense interface and widgets,you may not like it much. i perosnally am not fond of sense,or any other skin. sense roms have a large memory footprint and complex framework,and i feel do not run as quick or as smooth as AOSP. this is just my own personal opinion. some like sense,some do not. id check out the TB rom list, the current AOSP roms are:
    liquid thunderbread

    the scrolling youre describing is based on evo 3d sense 3.0. the rotating is "carosell rosie" youd have to install a sense 3.0 rom in order to get that. synergy is one,uber bamf is another,there may be a few orthers,again,im not up on the sense roms. the rotation will work,but the 3d affects wont be quite the same on the thunderbolts lesser resolution screen.

    again,search on rootz or xda,and look for roms using sense 3.0 or 3.0 elements. make sure "carosel rosie" is one of the elements being used :)

    with any rom,if you want to replace stock launcer with adw ex,go launcher,or launcher pro you can get a similar affect with the "cube" screen transition.
  9. jivens716

    jivens716 Well-Known Member

    If I were you , I would try out both AOSP and Sense based roms and give them a try...Its like apples and oranges, ones not better than the other. Its all on personal preference. You yourself have to flash the rom and try it out for a few days to really know which is the best for you. Looking at a video of a rom on youtube will not give you the full "feel" of the rom.

    I currently am running Synergy and it is my favorite Sense 3.0 rom as of now. I would definitely give it a shot if sense is your thing..

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