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Root Help setting up the power_profile.xml

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dsmryder, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. dsmryder

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    May 28, 2011

    May 28, 2011
    NE Florida
    I have been working the data for the power_profile.xml for the past few days. For those who don't know, it's the file that the OS uses to determine what is eating up the battery. Many of the phones I have looked at for an example didn't have this set up. I truely think that google set up a template so maybe the report wouldn't crash and just told the vendors to do it themselves.

    Long story shortened, I have current widget whick gives me the battery consumption at the time the sample is taken. On top of that I have stablility test to load the system and I have been playing with the screen, processor and WiFi. The phone I have been doing the testing on is my DEV phone so no cell service, but I can do that on my main phone. What I would like is someone to tell me if I am doing the testing wrong and/or double check my work.

    here is what I have so far
    Code (Text):
    2. [COLOR=#000000]Idle ~ 9mA[/COLOR]
    3. [COLOR=#000000]61 MHz ~ 9mA@900mV[/COLOR]
    4. [COLOR=#000000]61 MHz ~ 206 mA@1525mV[/COLOR]
    5. [COLOR=#000000]122 MHz ~ 19 mA[/COLOR]
    6. [COLOR=#000000]245 MHz ~ 34 mA[/COLOR]
    7. [COLOR=#000000]576 MHz ~  mA [/COLOR]
    8. [COLOR=#000000]768 MHz ~ 91 mA[/COLOR]
    9. [COLOR=#000000]1024 MHz ~  mA[/COLOR]
    10. [COLOR=#000000]1113 MHz ~  mA[/COLOR]
    11. [COLOR=#000000]1209 MHz ~  mA[/COLOR]
    12. [COLOR=#000000]1305 MHz ~  mA [/COLOR]
    13. [COLOR=#000000]1401 MHz ~  mA [/COLOR]
    14. [COLOR=#000000]1516 MHz ~ 203 mA[/COLOR]
    15. [COLOR=#000000]Screen on ~ 95mA[/COLOR]
    16. [COLOR=#000000]Screen full brightness ~ 239mA[/COLOR]
    17. [COLOR=#000000]WiFi ~ 59 mA[/COLOR]
    I am going to make a kernel that allows all of the frequencies so I can test thoes also.

    And take note of the voltage test I did. Lowering you voltage will have a poitive result on your drain. Just keep in mind that the data's integrity is related to more than whether the processor can run at that voltage for a test. I recommend testing and setting +25/50mV after you have found a stable voltage


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