Help Help! small scrolling text in top right hand corner of my tablet which i cant get rid of


I am hoping that someone will be able to help me please!

For no apparent reason my Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 has very small scrolling text in top right hand corner of screen. It can vary from 4 lines to 20 plus.
It does.not make much sense but occasionally says things like 'system server's.

I am unable to fix this problem myself & I thought I would try asking people who are more knowledge than myself for some advice. My next option is to contact Samsung. ( my tablet is only 2 months old)

Would greatly appreciate some help, many thanks



Oh, oh, oh, thank you so much! I had an extensive email discussion with an ASUS tech about this problem. Eventually, the tech said to erase all my apps and if that did not work to hard reset my tablet. Tonight I deleted all the apps. I have spent a lot of time researching this problem, but until tonight didn't put together the right word string to land on this post. Thank goodness I found the answer before performing the reset. Can't wait to send one more email to the tech, although I think he or she did try to help. I am probably better off starting over with the apps now that I've been using the tablet for a while. Once again, thanks.
I looked, but I cannot find the Developer option in my settings. Can someone direct me to where to look?

I solved this problem... not all android devices come with the developer option activated. the device owner may have to turn it on. i did by finding the build number and tapping on it 7-times. once activated, scroll thru to 'show cpu usage' and deselect the option... and NO MORE SMALL TEXT SCROLLING IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER...

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