Help HELP - Smashed touchscreen - cant unlock!

Hey gang, any help would be much appreciated. Been working on this all day trying all kinds of things but no luck as of yet.

I can't connect to pc or mac because I have a screenlock on the broken Note, and I cant unlock it. The screen is smashed and I can only see black underneath (I fell on it really hard).

I had insurance and already received my replacement phone, but when I put the old sim and memory card into the new phone, none of my pictures or videos or notes are there. I have no backups (I know, I know...) and I really want to save this stuff.

I'm guessing the media is all on the old (broken) Note internal memory...? But again, how do I access the internal memory if I can t unlock the screen!?! ARRRggghhh!

Any ideas folks? Please help.


OK Computer
If the location where your data is doesn't auto-mount when you connect USB to PC then your best bet would be to go to a Samsung Service Centre and ask them if they can extract your data.