Help Help| Some problems with my android


Well I have an Android in Hebrew so the letters of my contacts are not in English lettes but in Hebrew letters, my first problem is that I want to be able to search with the scrolled letters on the left of the Contacts but for contacts in Hebrew.

Second, there is a way on Android to choose if I want to use the name of the user from facebook or my Email (After it was syncronized), But I dont want to use those options but to use the Nickname I chose for them but for some of the contacts althoght I choose to use the nickname after a while it returns to the one taken from Facebook.

Plus not too Important, is there a way to use a specific tone for my Sms but not to all the kinds of alerts?

Thanks a head!


1: Hebrew, no idea. Sorry.

2: When I go to a contact that is linked to a facebook account, I can in the top of the contact (in normal contact display mode, not edit mode) which name to be used as the nickname.

3: Not sure. I use Handcent for messaging and there you can pick any ringtone for messages, independently of what the stock messaging application is set to.