Nov 6, 2014
Hello .
I have motorolla droid RAZR it works very fine since I download a app called gallery vault after install this app it works fine one day then after a day my mobile is hang I restart then its hang on logo then after I try 2 or 3 times it open and workes fine but then.its system.settings is not open manage apps and all things work fine but settings not open its crash every time then I factory reset my phone and then its work fine for me but again after some time its system.settings again crash so then again its open and sometimes its crash now tell me.what should I do can I hard reset my phone or something else please help me guys :(

Soory for some grammatical errors :/
Help me soon.I am waiting :)
If your problems stayed when you installed the app, did you try uninstalling it and rebooting?
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