Help Support Our Local Business For Xmas Rant


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just posting something I found out about last night while at the mall. seems that malls have been doing poorly during the holidays due to a large company who's first letter start W and ends in mean mart. even poor Santa who has to listen to the spoiled next generation while they relieve themselves on his pant leg had to pay daily rent to be in the mall. when I asked a few people about their kiosk rent, you know the little hut in the middle of the hallway, they said that the rent went from 1200/month to 4500 for the month of December.:eek: it's not a typo:eek: So maybe they gift we give this year could be a gift to ourselves by avoiding the 500+lbs wal****T women, screaming kids cranked out on octobers candy,and self checkout systems that freak when you put down your item too hard [COMPUTER VOICE] "[REMOVE ITEM FROM BAGGING AREA OR SECURITY WILL BE ACTIVATED]" [ CUE: Arnold Schwarzenegger from terminator] :D lets go to those malls and the $4,500 kiosk. don't forget to drink a 44oz and sit on Santas lap:p

I would like some cheese with my whine sir......


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I might if the kiosks didn't sell only useless junk. Though I certainly never even step into Walmart as a rule as it is.