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Help syncing emails with Hotmail ICS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrcashman, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. mrcashman

    mrcashman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, this forum is crazy since the update so here is my query.

    Running ICS build on my i9100 straight from T-Mobile from Kies. Everything works pretty well apart from my emails.

    Before when I set up emails I set up a premium account with Samsung Social Hub and this made sure if I read an email or deleted an email on my phone the same happened with the server and vice-versa.

    Now I don't get the option to set up a "Premium Account" when selecting hotmail. Anyone got an idea?

    Selected Hotmail

    Enter account details. No longer the option of selecting "Premium Account"

    Everything set up fine here?

  2. freak111

    freak111 Lurker

    I am using hotmail account with SGN with ICS and I have set it up using standard email app. Everything syncs perfectly. Push notifications works even when global sync is off :). So no premium account setup needed

    Your setup looks fine btw.
  3. mrcashman

    mrcashman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I thought it looked fine. I just don't understand why it won't sync properly with the server... Any one got suggestions for a solution?

    Noticed this when going into Social Hub. I imagine the P stands for Premium.... so why won't it sync? Argh.

  4. mrcashman

    mrcashman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Did a factory data reset today but the problem is still persisting. How annoying. :bawling:

    Might have to try rooting the phone if it doesn't sort itself out by next week.
  5. Doodlydoo

    Doodlydoo Newbie

    Hi mrcashman,

    Did you find any resolution to this? I am having the same problem!
  6. Mufeta

    Mufeta Lurker

    same here

    was fine on GB but just can not work it out
  7. epsiloncrux

    epsiloncrux Lurker

    Same here on ICS 4.03 wipe install. Not the slightest problem in Gingerbread, but SGSII ICS LP8 performs extremely erratically. Gmail accounts setup in SGSII Email app work just fine but Hotmail hits a glitch. No problem receiving/sending push/manual email in MS's new Android Hotmail app, but works like a dog after countless re/installs in Samsung's native SGSII app. Even with 30 day sync enabled, and a dozen or so emails on Hotmail's server inbox, I can only get one of two emails (but most often zero) to sync from Hotmail after each fresh install.

    Anyone got any idea about how to completely remove all traces of the Hotmail account from the SGSII email app (apart from a total SGSII wipe) in order to perform a completely virgin (re)install?

    Would be most grateful. : )
  8. klavion

    klavion Lurker

    Hotmail can be set up as an exchange account which should solve most of these issues.

    Instead of selecting hotmail as the account type to add choose Microsoft exchange activesync (or after selecting hotmail hit the exchange button in the bottom left corner).

    Settings required will be: domain/email - just enter your email address, your password and the exchange server. Hotmail's exchange server is: m.hotmail.com

    Once you have entered all this detail you should be given the option to sync emails, calendar and contacts from hotmail.

    Hope this works for you, it fixed all my issues.
  9. seamus24

    seamus24 Lurker

    Similar problem...
    Hotmail can receive new emails but cannot send replys after a few hours of use. It also cannot update the status to "read" if the email was already read on the PC. Absolutely terrible incarnation. Seven + Microsoft + Samsung should be all over this one.

    Similar solution... Use Exchange Server account. Only potential issue is battery usage. Exchange uses a lot more battery.
  10. MrGloverLover

    MrGloverLover Newbie

    Doesn't work for me i'm afraid. I have the same problem where it won't sync with hotmail on the social hub, i've tried setting up a microsoft exchange but I just get an error message saying there was a problem and it couldn’t be set up. I’ve had an O2 Guru check it out and he says everything was input correctly so he can’t understand why it won’t set up the account, said he was mystified and he’s pretty good usually at sorting issues out that I’ve had.

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