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  1. Mohamed_Shamir

    Thread Starter

    I'm have just started with Android development and please bear with me if I'm asking trivial questions. I wanted to create a video diary where a person can create video dairy for a day. He will be able to see the videos he recorded laterwards. Since storing the video in the phone is not a scalable option, I want to store it in some cloud storage and stream from there directly when the user wants to access it.

    After doing some google searches, I have two ideas in my mind:

    1. Use google drive with LibVlc. After uploading the videos to google drive API and then use LibVlc library to play the file directly.

    2. Upload the video to youtube privately. And stream it from there using Youtube Data API.

    Since I'm very new. I even don't know whether this would work or not and I really don't how I would be doing even using the above approaches. Any thoughts or comments on how I should proceed or is there a better way to do the task? Or any resources or ideas that I should look into.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  2. Milo Williamson

    Milo Williamson Android Expert

    IF you do not have any followers or even massive people being your friend on youtube,it is automatic private account, I have around three of them, but I do not do much of talking into public different groups either,I keep everything on the download, and you can probably just upload those videos to your friend, and have them talk with you that way, that would of be the much easier way ontop of my head - instead of looping throughout the "LibVic" - drive only has two gigs by default, and you can not upload a video, maybe a five second video but that is about it! You can record and upload for that person a bit later on, and that person can drop you a video on his or hers own account.

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