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Support Help, txt message no there!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mic_, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. mic_

    mic_ New Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 14, 2013
    Hey guys, I have a Samsung dart and I got a txt from a friend. It appears in the notifications but when I click it, it sends me to write a new text message. I check my inbox (all msgs deleted) and it says no conversations. There is a 1 on my Inbox icon. I click the menu button while in my inbox and click on search. I type in the text it says in the notification and it says it's there and finds it! When I click on it from there it does the same thing as when i clicked the notification. Please help!


  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!

    Nov 17, 2009
    I'm retired: every day's a Monday :P
    Manchester, TN
    Hi Mic_ and welcome to Android Forums!

    So your Dart tells you that you have a message that isn't there... but it is :thinking:

    My first (and likely only) question would be: how many messages do you have stored? A cluttered message inbox takes up precious system memory and that MIGHT be causing the app to act strangely.

    I can recommend an app called SMS Cleaner Free in the Play Store. You can tell it to delete old messages by name, a specific date you set & older, and more. For example: I'll likely not go back and look at messages over 2 weeks old: so I clean out all messages 2 weeks old or older from time to time. It's fully customizable, though.

    You may want to try that and also see if cleaning out the cache will help.

    Hope this helps and it's great to have you aboard :)

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