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Help!! "unfortunately, UI system has stopped"

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by ArheaU, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. ArheaU

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    I have an issue with my droid turbo.. My son was playing (he is 4yrs) and he likes to download games well idk what game he downloaded but it made my phone go crazy.. it froze and then it was giving me something about a UI has stopped working well I turned my phone off a few times and it was still doing it
    it has now stopped doing it put it is acting slow and not wanting to move to a new screen very easy
    Idk what I should do I really don't want to set my phone back to FD but I will if that's my only option.. please help idk what to do its driving me crazy

  2. Philippadc

    Philippadc Lurker

    Sorted the problem without performing a factory reset.
    I had this problem, the pop up never stopped, drove me mad I performed cache partition wipe and rebooted several times made no difference. Going through my phone making sure I'd saved everything, deleted downloaded files and documents in preparation to factory reset and the problem went away.:)

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