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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by superchaos, Dec 29, 2009.

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    The complaint threads are getting ridiculous. There are a few things people need to know to help you out and answer questions.

    The Eris is similar to a computer. We all have the same hardware but we all have different software. Software will take up memory, cause conflicts, and bog down your Eris just like it does to your home computer.

    If your phone is lagging or freezing up, list the apps and widgets you have downloaded and installed. There are plenty of people here who have experience with different apps but may not have the exact same setup you have and are not experiencing the problems you are.

    A lot of my problems stopped when I got rid of Beautiful Widgets. I believe the sound control (ringer on/off) was the culprit but I have no proof since I cannot download it again. It was discontinued after a legal threat by HTC.

    So please, before you rant about taking the phone back, what a piece of crap it is or whatever, list your downloaded apps and widgets and let the community attempt to figure out why your phone is messing up.

    Please use the following format to keep things easy.

    Installed Widgets in alphabetical order

    Downloaded apps in alphabetical order

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