Help Help using gps!!


Jan 14, 2009
Hi everybody,
i need your help friends,
im in dominican republic the ph comapny that i use is orange and i want to use the gps of my G1..
So when i go to google maps app. i put the address where i am and then i put the address where i want to go the results are that no route found:(..

Pls. can somebody tell if im doing something wrong or if i have to download any specific app. or what pls help

i will really appreciate your help...
Google maps routing is allowed just in USA and UK.
If you have unlimited data plan, you can try another online navigations. I don't know, if paid apps are supported in Dominican republic, if so, you can try to search market for "navigation".

These are based on OpenStreetMaps and can be good enough for navigation :
Android - OpenStreetMap Wiki