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Help w/ exchange contacts and personal email

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hilz47, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. hilz47

    hilz47 Lurker
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    Jul 25, 2010
    Hello- new to android, coming from a hd2

    here is my set up:
    I have a .mac account for my personal account.
    I have gmail only for google voice.
    I also am linked to facebook.
    I use the phone mostly for work with ms exchange. I dont like the interface that samsung/2.1 offers so I am testing touchdown. So far so good.


    I have both Touchdown and the android exchange set up so I can compare the differences. Not sure if this is recommended or not? also not sure if I should disable one or not??

    1) contacts- when I am using dialer to call someone it - goes to the work fax # as default not the cell or even office #. How do I change the order for all contacts at once? I can do it individually but have 400 contacts. It doesnt give me an option to see all the #'s to chose from like in windows. Does this have something to do with the way it synced with ms exchange server's contacts?
    Very annoying! any work arounds? any better way to quickly call or return a call? I typically use dialer and start dialing the persons name.

    2) personal email- when I set up my .mac account it made a folder called personal email on my homescreen (great!) i mistakenly dragged it to the trash. Now when I add the email program to the Homescreen, when I open it gives mes 2 options. I want to get back my own personal email folder- any options?

    3) I only use gmail to read my voicemails using google voice. Is there a way I can sync my ms exchange contacts (phone contacts) to the gmail cloud so I have them in multiple places?

    Thanks in advance!



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