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help w/GBA Roms . how do i play them ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rocksthaman, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. rocksthaman

    rocksthaman Member
    Thread Starter

    Im not sure exactly what to do with the rom players on the Droid. Can someone tell me the steps . I saw the Rom for Pokemon Emerald mentioned in another thread and id like to start with that.

    Is it the same process for all of the Players ?

    thanks for your help......Im open to any comments that i may not know .

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  2. wnajar

    wnajar Newbie

    I'm assuming you want to use the Gameboid emulator, so here are the steps for that:

    1) Download Gameboid from the Market.

    2) Download the gba_bio.bin file on your computer (I got it here: gba_bios.bin)

    3) Hook your Droid up to your computer with the USB cable, pull down the notifications window and select "USB connected" and then Mount.

    4) Go to your SD card and create a folder (I used "games") and then a folder for your Gameboid bios and roms (I used "gameboid") so you have sdcard/games/gameboid.

    5) Copy the gba_bios.bin into the gameboid folder.

    6) Download .gba rom files for the games you want and put them in the same folder.

    7) Turn off USB Storage, open gameboid, navigate to your gameboid folder and load the rom.

    8) Start playing!
  3. wnajar

    wnajar Newbie

    And if you want the Pokemon Emerald rom, just search Google for "pokemon emerald rom" and you should find it in the first few results.

    I'm not sure for all of the emulators, but I don't think you have to download a bios for SNESoid or NESoid... all you have to do is add the roms to your SD card.
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  4. rocksthaman

    rocksthaman Member
    Thread Starter

    thank you man!! I really appreciate not flaming me . Ive seen bits and pieces of this but this is great .

    These were the most concise directions that I have found and wham, Games galore .

    {EDIT By MOD} -- removed link { please no not edit this post } Posting this type of line is not permitted

    Top 100 Top 100 Gameboy advance gba ROMs(hope posting this link is not out of line)........i am a happy man ,eat your heart out IpHone

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  5. wnajar

    wnajar Newbie

  6. indieladadam

    indieladadam Newbie

    Hi, i have installed gameboid on my nexus one and installed the bios, when i try and run a game though it just exits the emulator back to my menu screen?
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  7. thomasw

    thomasw Newbie

    Your copy of the game might be messed up. I've got like 30 roms but 5 of them kick me back to my home screen. Just try searching for another version to replace that game.
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  8. indieladadam

    indieladadam Newbie

    oh ok, do u have a version of pokemon could send me a link to?
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  9. poohbear99

    poohbear99 Newbie

    thank you! worked on my samsung captivate
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  10. androidlover14

    androidlover14 Android Enthusiast

    actually forgot that android could do this. those instructions couldnt have helped me out more! I feel like a kid again. Thank you.
  11. mmarti16

    mmarti16 Well-Known Member

    if you download wiimote you can get a wii controller and synch it...then you can play with an actual controller....the d pad is a bit small.
  12. Something about the idea of using a full Wii controller to play a game on a cell phone screen seems rather funny!
  13. androidlover14

    androidlover14 Android Enthusiast

    Is there a way to load games back up without buying the full version? If not, is there another gba emulator that does do this? TIA
  14. egante5

    egante5 Lurker

    I have a Motorola Droid & wanted the gba emulator light. & it told me to specify my BIOS. So then I downloaded it from a website, but now What? ? It still says I need to specify. Do I need a computer? Any way to do it without a computer?
  15. Sev

    Sev Member

    Mount your phone onto your PC, go to your SD card, make a folder called "Games", in that folder make another one called "Gameboid". Put your .bin file in the Gameboid folder. When you get a rom for a game, put your rom into the Gameboid folder as well.

    It's written in like the 2nd post.
  16. mlinkletter

    mlinkletter Lurker

    You can do it all using Astro File Manager if you don't want to use a computer. Steps are basically the same.
  17. Jebus

    Jebus Member

    Many emulation sites are getting shut down because of emulation being illegal and all.

    Just do a google search and you should be able to find at least one working link.
  18. KATHismyname

    KATHismyname Lurker

    thanks for da info guys.. :)
    it helps me A LOT :jj
    (so excited to download nntendo games! xD)

    thanks again
  19. KATHismyname

    KATHismyname Lurker

    amm, also...
    can sumbody send me a best website to download WARIO LAND 4
    im a newbie in dis situation :) tnx in advance
  20. hey!! thanks it worked perfectly for me but 1 probllem :(( cos i have a sony ericcson x10 it dosent have any keys and i dont know how to make it into a d pad !! please help!
  21. osilvers

    osilvers Lurker

    Hi. I just got the Samsung Fascinate. This is my first smartphone, so i've never downloaded apps. Anyway, I downloaded a gba_bios.bin file and I created the subfolder "gameboids" inside the "game" folder and moved all the roms I downloaded to the gameboid folder. Now here's what happens

    1) I open the gameboid app
    2) it asks me to select a ROM and it presents a list of all my roms
    3) I select gba_bios.bin
    4) the screen transitions to show a gameboy controller with buttons to click on (they vibrate)
    5)This is where I get lost. I have no idea what to do afterward. I did everything but actually load the ROM.

    Can you help me?

  22. Sulfur

    Sulfur Member

    I believe the free version allows game saves, just no save states.

    Emulation is not illegal. Having ROMS of games you don't own is. Luckily, however, the law doesn't bother near as much as it used to, with the most commonly emulated systems being dead.

    That's why I got the game gripper. Not quite as nice, but much more compact / discrete.
  23. MrDubst3p

    MrDubst3p Lurker

    does it have to be usb? can it be a sd adapter?
  24. im trying to download gba_bios.zip and it would not download it would send me somewhere else can someone help me out
  25. cbullard

    cbullard Lurker

    I need help. I downloaded the gameboid lite. Downloaded the pokemon emerald rom dirrectly to my g2. And I specify it and it keeps telling me to specify which rom I want to load in settings. Please message me here or email me @ cbullard3@gmail.com

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