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Brand new to this, just got my phone (LG-Optimus) 3 days ago. Bear w/my newbie status please! So found out it's possible for me to use my home wi-fi router set-up thingee (told you I was a newbie) for my Droid. Simple, right? Well, I tried to go into wireless settings on the phone and pushed some buttons, entered my password for my router (it's secured) and it would say "remembered" but then at the top it would say "connecting...scanning..." then it would say "disconnect". After much googling, I found something that said I could unsecure my router and maybe it would work. Well it does and it seems to work fine. I have the little wireless icon on my phone and it is much faster. But now I'm freaking out because my laptop is now on an unsecured network (I guess). It seems to working fine right now but I'm sure this can't be good to leave like this. But it's the only way I can use my home wi-fi; I have a pay as you go plan for browsing and downloading so am trying to preserve as much mbs as I can. Any help would be greatly appreciate. And like I said, please be gentle. I don't have a good grasp of MAC addresses, static networks, ISPs and all that. I'm trying though!! Thanks


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I'm using my GT540 over secured wi-fi connection and no issues at all.
Yep, leaving your wifi hotspot unsecured will let others to leech on your connection and you'll end up paying for others usage :)

Secure your wifi hotspot with a password, connect to it using laptop first. If its working go to wireless settings n Phone and enable Wifi connctivity. Once the connection established, it'll scan for available networks. Select your network and enter the correct password. If you enter the correct password, you can connect to wifi via your phone.

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