Help?? Wierd Charging Problem

So I got an LG G6 about a month ago and it was charging perfectly fine with the factory LG charger, and even with other USB-C type cables used for charging the S8 that belong to household members of mine.

I came to the point where I wanted some new cables that were longer and that I could just have handy when I needed them.

I bought a pack of two USB-C cables capable with the G6 off Amazon (Highly recommend and popular cables)

I began to use them and had absolutely no problems...UNTIL.. shortly after using the new cables for a week or so....

I tried charging my phone with my old original cable.

Yes, my LG cable does not charge my phone, it doesn't even cause it to react when plugging in. Neither do ANY other USB Type C cables that I've tried (including the cables for the Galaxy S8)

ONLY the new cables that I bought off Amazon work when charging my phone. Which is not TERRIBLE, but still a mojor inconvenience when it comes to trying to charge my phone any other way.

Does anybody know why this is happening???
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I suspect the cables were defective in that 1 or more pins was just slightly off enough that you could plug it in but when you did it moved a pin out of alignment and now only those cables work.