Dec 15, 2010
Ever since my android upgrade to 9 my phone has ran like crap. Some of my apps dont agree with it, ive noticed the battery performance isnt the same and the phone also runs slower. So I would like to roll back. As far as I know there isnt a simple way to do this. I did a google search on "how to downgrade LG G6 android 9 to 8." and didnt find anything helpful. I would really like to complete this task with some help.

My current phones software is vs98830a and my network is Verizon.
ahhhhh that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
But it's also very common.

@LGRain have you tried backing up and doing a factory reset? Sometimes performance problems after a major update come from older, incompatible data, in which case a reset will fix it. Sometimes of course they are just a result of a poorly-optimised update, in which case this won't help, but since rolling back (if possible) will surely require a reset it may be worth trying anyway.

Any app that doesn't run on 9 is going to have to be replaced at some point: 9 is already more than a year old, so if the developer hasn't bothered with compatibility yet then it's unlikely it's going to be, so even if you could roll back to 8 your next phone will have problems with it.
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Ok back again. I need to root this SOB. The main thing I use to be able to use was google assistant with phone locked now you cant. anything you ask even a simple phone call she will ask you to unlock the phone and it didnt require it in android 8.0. you are correct there is no way to rollback. my only option is to root and install 8.0. I already tried "king root" that was complete trash and not only came with malware but failed, luckily I am savvy enough to know how to stop it but not savvy enough to find a working root kit. Any ideas on one that will work for the LG G6? with a working install of android 8.0
Those "one click root" apps haven't worked since android 6, so it's no surprise you can't find one that does.

Your best bet would be to unlock the bootloader, find a custom recovery built for that model, flash that and then use the recovery to flash something like magisk to root it. However VZW are the worst on the planet for locking the bootloader down hard, so I suspect this may be difficult, probably impossible.