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Help with a Tasker issue

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pullnshoot25, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. pullnshoot25

    pullnshoot25 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I recently purchased Tasker and have set out setting up my Samsung Galaxy S II like a pinball machine. However, I have a bit of an issue with a current task that I have created. Here is what I have...

    When I tap on the Cop Recorder app, a text message goes out to three people with a message that I just activated the program. Then, in a separate text message, my GPS coordinates and battery level are relayed to these same three people.

    Now, here are a few things that I want to have happen:
    1) I want to protect against accidental app activation.
    2) Sometimes, I don't want to send a text message notification, like when I just want to record something at random where I am not getting harassed (like a lecture)
    3) While Cop Recorder is running, I want to divert phone calls to voicemail.

    Now, 1&2 could be solved if I had a prompt that popped up with a set of buttons that said "Record Cop" (which would go ahead with text notifications), "Record Normal" (which would just record without sending out notifications) and "Cancel" (which would cancel the process entirely). Is there a way to do this in Tasker, perhaps with the "Scene" function?

    #3 seems to be just a matter of "if Cop Recorder is running, divert to voicemail" but I don't know how to set up that function.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. pullnshoot25

    pullnshoot25 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  3. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    The only way I'm aware of to send all calls to voicemail using Tasker is to turn on airplane mode.

    I would try using the Menu action, like this:

    Code (Text):
    1. <class cl="TaskerData" sr="">
    2.     <tv>1.2.1u1</tv>
    3.     <class cl="Project" sr="proj0">
    4.         <cdate>1335824771795</cdate>
    5.         <name>Menu Test</name>
    6.         <psort>ActiveAlpha</psort>
    7.         <tids>133,136</tids>
    8.     </class>
    9.     <class cl="Task" sr="task133">
    10.         <cdate>1335821347522</cdate>
    11.         <edate>1335826338089</edate>
    12.         <id>133</id>
    13.         <nme>Cop Recorder</nme>
    14.         <pri>10</pri>
    15.         <class cl="Action" sr="act0" ve="3">
    16.             <code>551</code>
    17.             <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg0" ve="3">
    18.                 <val>Cop Recorder</val>
    19.             </class>
    20.             <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg1" ve="3">
    21.                 <val></val>
    22.             </class>
    23.             <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg2" ve="3">
    24.                 <val>IconAndTextMenu</val>
    25.             </class>
    26.             <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg3">
    27.                 <val>10</val>
    28.             </class>
    29.             <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg4">
    30.                 <val>1</val>
    31.             </class>
    32.             <class cl="ListElementItem" sr="item0">
    33.                 <label>Send SMS</label>
    34.                 <class cl="Action" sr="action" ve="3">
    35.                     <code>41</code>
    36.                     <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg0" ve="3">
    37.                         <val>1234567890</val>
    38.                     </class>
    39.                     <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg1" ve="3">
    40.                         <val>I'm being hassled again!</val>
    41.                     </class>
    42.                     <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg2">
    43.                         <val>0</val>
    44.                     </class>
    45.                 </class>
    46.                 <class cl="AppIcon" sr="icon" ve="2">
    47.                     <icn>2130837563</icn>
    48.                 </class>
    49.             </class>
    50.             <class cl="ListElementItem" sr="item1">
    51.                 <label>Cop Alert</label>
    52.                 <class cl="Action" sr="action" ve="3">
    53.                     <code>130</code>
    54.                     <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg0" ve="3">
    55.                         <val>Cop Alert</val>
    56.                     </class>
    57.                     <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg1">
    58.                         <val>0</val>
    59.                     </class>
    60.                     <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg2">
    61.                         <val>5</val>
    62.                     </class>
    63.                     <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg3" ve="3">
    64.                         <val></val>
    65.                     </class>
    66.                     <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg4" ve="3">
    67.                         <val></val>
    68.                     </class>
    69.                     <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg5" ve="3">
    70.                         <val></val>
    71.                     </class>
    72.                 </class>
    73.                 <class cl="AppIcon" sr="icon" ve="2">
    74.                     <icn>2130837563</icn>
    75.                 </class>
    76.             </class>
    77.             <class cl="ListElementItem" sr="item2">
    78.                 <label>Lecture</label>
    79.                 <class cl="Action" sr="action" ve="3">
    80.                     <code>137</code>
    81.                     <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg0">
    82.                         <val>0</val>
    83.                     </class>
    84.                 </class>
    85.                 <class cl="AppIcon" sr="icon" ve="2">
    86.                     <icn>2130837598</icn>
    87.                 </class>
    88.             </class>
    89.             <class cl="ListElementItem" sr="item3">
    90.                 <label>Cancel</label>
    91.                 <sel>true</sel>
    92.                 <class cl="Action" sr="action" ve="3">
    93.                     <code>25</code>
    94.                     <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg0">
    95.                         <val>0</val>
    96.                     </class>
    97.                 </class>
    98.                 <class cl="AppIcon" sr="icon" ve="2">
    99.                     <icn>2130837530</icn>
    100.                 </class>
    101.             </class>
    102.         </class>
    103.     </class>
    104.     <class cl="Task" sr="task136">
    105.         <cdate>1335825044809</cdate>
    106.         <edate>1335825168707</edate>
    107.         <id>136</id>
    108.         <nme>Cop Alert</nme>
    109.         <class cl="Action" sr="act0" ve="3">
    110.             <code>41</code>
    111.             <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg0" ve="3">
    112.                 <val>1234567890</val>
    113.             </class>
    114.             <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg1" ve="3">
    115.                 <val>I'm being harassed again!</val>
    116.             </class>
    117.             <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg2">
    118.                 <val>0</val>
    119.             </class>
    120.         </class>
    121.         <class cl="Action" sr="act1" ve="3">
    122.             <code>41</code>
    123.             <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg0" ve="3">
    124.                 <val>7894561230</val>
    125.             </class>
    126.             <class cl="StringArg" sr="arg1" ve="3">
    127.                 <val>My location is &lt;GPS location here&gt;</val>
    128.             </class>
    129.             <class cl="IntArg" sr="arg2">
    130.                 <val>0</val>
    131.             </class>
    132.         </class>
    133.     </class>
    134. </class>
    Forgive the XML. Exporting a description of a Menu action doesn't seem to yield the detail necessary to show you what I'm talking about.

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