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Help with ads being pushed to my phone.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by flyinjoe13, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. flyinjoe13

    flyinjoe13 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The last few days I have been gettiing a bunch of ads pushed to my phone that show up in the notification bar with a green plus sign. I have not added or updated any apps in the past week. I also ran addon detector and airpush detector and neither app found any airpush apps on my phone. I also use adfree android that I thought was supposed to help prevent these things

    Does anyone have any other suggestions that I could try in order to figure out what the deal is with these ads?


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  2. barbo

    barbo Lurker

    Same problem here: green plus sign in notification area. Airpush dector and addons dectector didn't help me (I have adfree as well). The problem has only happened to me 4 or 5 times in the past 3-4 weeks so I guess I can live with it but I would liketo fix it. I've googled and people name offending apps but I have none of those.

    I long-pressed home (to see recent apps) and that didn't help. Menu-settings... running apps showed nothing new/different either. When I pulled down the notifications, it said something about an unclaimed prize. I clicked on that and the browser opened some prize page that I of course did not click on. It said "Android User Rewards" on the top. I googled "Android User Rewards" and did not find anything that seemed to help.

    The url didn't show in firefox but I went to the menu and clicked on "share this page" and I emailed the url to myself. This is what I got:

    com-ws.us/win/usa/?t202kw=a+ch+usa2+ent+Ad5&cid=b783216445d4b35d1a6d 68d210c87c72

    I went to that site on my desktop and viewed the source for that page but didn't find anything there helped me.

    There is an opt out on the airpush website but I am hesitant to do that. For onething, airpush detector doesn't show it is an airpush problem.

  3. flyinjoe13

    flyinjoe13 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Guess no one else is having this problem but us or they have no idea what to try. I did verify it is not a particular ROM issue because it happens with 3 different ROMs. Since I don't have a ton of apps on the phone, my next step will be to remove each app, one at a time, then test for a day or two and see if\when the ads stop. If they do, i'll know which app it is. If they don't, then i'll at least know it's not an app issue.
  4. barbo

    barbo Lurker

    If I find out anything, I will post. The problem only comes to my phone once or twice a week so it makes it difficulat to narrow down. I've got "feelers" out to others so maybe someone wil find the answer.
  5. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Extreme Android User

    There has been a new method that pushes ads to the notification bar that those two apps will not detect. I think there is a new method of figuring out which app it is over at xda. I'll see if I can find anything out.

    In addons detector you may need to set the filter to "push notifications".

    Check out this thread also if you haven't seen it:
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  6. barbo

    barbo Lurker

    I had used addons detector before with the push filter and found nothing but I tried it again today (perhaps there was an update?) and it found "Bloat Freezer" as the culprit. I just uninstalled Bloat Freezer and hopefuly that will take care of my problem. Please continue to post offending apps.
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  7. flyinjoe13

    flyinjoe13 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You beat me to it. I discovered yesterday that it was Bloat Freezer Free that was causing the ads. Since the apps I froze were ones I was never going to use, I just uninstalled them and then removed Bloat Freezer. I haven't received an ad notification since. Going to post a market review as well mentioning the ad push with this app so that othere will know before hand of what might happen.
  8. barbo

    barbo Lurker

    It looks like Bloat Freezer was pulled form the market. I was goign to go back and give it one star and some poor feedback but it wasn't there anymore.

    Another option to get rid of this crap:
    Airblocker - Airpush Block
    ByQ Develop
    (get it in the market)
  9. Andima

    Andima Android Enthusiast

  10. muleridertx

    muleridertx Lurker

    Thank god I found this thread. I was beginning to think I'd done something terribly wrong on my phone! :thinking:

    Then the frequency picked up with these really annoying ads in the notification bar. Infuriating!!

    After reading through this thread, I found that Airpush's own opt out app is not available. Besides, I feel VERY uncomfortable giving any information about my phone or myself to a developer whose business is pushing unwanted ads to my phone.

    So in a google search, I came across the androidpolice forum, and a post with a QR code for AirPush Detector. This is an app that does not uninstall any apps using Airpush, but it DOES identify them for you. From there you can choose to uninstall the offending app if you want.

    For me, it was a GoSMS Pro Theme (not one by the SMSPro developer) that was causing my problem, and it got trashed in a nanosecond by me!

    Anyway, wanted to recommend this handy little app to help anyone else being plagued by this crap.

    Again, that's AirPush Detector. And it's got 5 stars at the PlayStore.
  11. shann

    shann Lurker

    I had no luck with the airpush detector type programs

    If you want to get rid of that annoying ad crap without getting rid of the apps/games you liked, try this:

    First, get your phone's MEID number - the easiest way is by entering *#06# on your dial pad. (That's star-pound-zero-six-pound....in case you were wondering if I typed a character by accident)

    Next, Go to opt.leadbolt.com - there you will be prompted to enter your phone's IMEI / MEID number and select the kind of phone you have...that's it

    Voila! No more push ads...at least not from leadbolt. Note: make sure u end it with ".com" not ".net" or you'll be taken to the wrong site. Apparently those other programs listed above won't catch the junk from leadbolt.

    Also...make sure you ONLY enter "opt.leadbolt.com" DON'T enter "http" or "www" or you won't get the site.

    I had to do this on my old Droid2 and just finished doing this on my new phone.

    Hope this helps someone - for someone else helped me :)

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