Apps Help With Android SDK/ Eclipse IDE/ Java SDK Set-Up ?

Howdy Ya'll-- I'm running Windows 7 Starter OS and have made a terrible mess of my installation of Java SDK / Eclipse IDE / Android SDK/ADT && wonder if anyone can help or point me towards help to get this Dev Set-Up working so's i can get back to trying to write APPs ? I was using App Inventor && really had no appreciation of how much was being done for me behind the scenes until i jumped off into this other set-up. I will probably move back over to that if and when Google does their hand-off to MIT and makes the software public.
For now i have about 4 books i have purchased that i am unable to import && run the source code examples from && have a list of compiler/console errors i can post if anybody is interested. Email me if you would like.
Kind Regards, mark-p.