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Help with auto reject mode...private numbers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shir1, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Shir1

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    I have a strange situation. At one point I decided to put the number 'private' on my auto reject list. I put it on the list via my call log since it's not something saved in my contacts. After a little while I realized that 'private' can be lots of people from many different companies calling. I needed to answer some of these calls so I wanted to remove it from the auto reject list. When I went to my list 'private' doesn't exist. 'Unknown' exists but 'private' does not. Now when any 'private' number calls my phone it is automatically rejected and in my call logs, next to 'private' it has the little blocked symbol with the letter A meaning its in my auto reject list, but it isnt. I thought I could try to unreject it via the call log list opening a menu at the bottom of the screen, but the only option is to delete that number from the call log. Now it's stuck there in auto reject mode and I have no way of removing it. I even tried removing all my auto call reject numbers and starting over, with no luck. Please help me this is so frustrating!!!!!

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