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help with cm12.1 bugs? (sd card, camera, notification light)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by none2, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. none2

    none2 Lurker
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    Found the following rom cm 12.1 / 5.1.1 on XDA ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/and...al-cm-12-1-t3290045/post64870802#post64870802 )

    It works great except for home button, no sd card, rear camera and notification light flashing non stop. found the fix for the home button and i could live without the camera but i would really like to use my sd card seeing as the phones storage is so small and the light flashing non stop is kind of annoying.

    i was using a 4.4.2 rom but the battery life is horrible and the system_server process is using 20-30% cpu non stop so the phone takes forever to charge and dies quickly so this rom is something id really like to use.

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  2. T3ch42

    T3ch42 Newbie

    If you are simply looking for cm12.1 stable, a relatively easy way would be the dd'ing of the realm image to your exceed 2. The only thing to do prior would be backing up your modem1 and modem2 and reflashing them after dd'ing the cm image. I believe the cm12.1alpha thread has a description of the process.
    Prior to getting a realm and some realm logic boards to change out in the exceed 2s I had, I modified the exceed 2 like this.

    There are quite a few good images working better than what you describe.
    I've done some very lazy ports on the last few images for the l70 and they've been pretty stable too.(very lazy as in all I updated were the update-script file, the fixup.sh file and replaced the boot image with the working cm12.1 one.)

    I have been looking into it lately and hope to find a fix for the camera. From what I've been seeing though, similar problems are happening across the custom roms, not just 12.1. In any event, it may not be too bad to port the image over to the exceed for a direct flash.

    We'll see.
  3. none2

    none2 Lurker
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    I have already tried every one of the CM12.1 alpha ROM's and methods for getting them to work, for some reason they just will not boot on my device, Many other ROM's work fine but those do not. that is why i was trying to make this one work as it is the most stable I've tried so far.
  4. T3ch42

    T3ch42 Newbie

    Has anyone found a version on 5.0 that had a working camera?
    That is really the only thing that I would list as holding the ls620's version back from being a complete cm port. I've tried extracting the system.new.data to update, but so far I've not been able to get a working port that way.
    If anyone has the knowledge to open up the camera libraries for this phone, that would be a great step forward.

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